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关于”对线上课程的意见和建议“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Comments and suggestions on online courses。以下是关于对线上课程的意见和建议的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Comments and suggestions on online courses

More and more people tend to receive education through the Internet, so face-to-face communication is becoming less and less. Do you think information technology plays an increasingly important role in our life, especially in the field of education. Although many people can obtain higher education through online virtual university, some people doubt the effectiveness of online learning compared with distance education They prefer the traditional way of education.

Physical education has inherent advantages for students' all-round development. Teachers can adjust their own teaching style and teaching guidance to suit students' characteristics and academic pursuit. As students participate in extracurricular activities and activities, students' emotion and social development can be significantly improved.

This emotional connection usually helps to generate inspiration Creativity and emotional health are essential for young students. Experience in a non virtual world cannot be replaced by a simple e-course and paper submission. It is true that distance education programs provide a valuable option for people with special needs, such as the disabled, full-time workers or those who have families to take care of but cannot attend classes during normal hours.

Another advantage is that the tuition fees for distance courses are relatively low, because they do not include the financial costs of campus facilities, but this kind of education is limited to imparting knowledge when sufficient time is needed As a result, it is not suitable for young students unless it is used as a supplementary source, because it can be used as a virtual tutor or a tool to review or enhance what has been learned in formal schools. I would like to summarize that distance learning projects contribute to a wider range of educational objects by providing more access to knowledge, but cannot expect it It is expected that they will have more than one university which provides both knowledge and environment for students' all-round development. This is a key factor in education.




Environmental protection advice teacher: Recently, I found that there are more and more garbage on the campus. Sometimes the garbage on the side and the road nearby is rubbish. In addition, some students don't pay attention to hygiene, and waste paper and broken bags are all over the ground.

Therefore, the whole campus looks very untidy. There are piles of garbage beside the garbage can and flies are buzzing around. It's really very nice Sad, the overall image of our campus has a great impact, so I suggest: in schools and other places to provide some shapes of roadside garbage, it is best to classify the garbage can, because I found in the garbage can be divided into "recyclable" and "non recyclable".

On the one hand, it can increase the income of energy saving, on the other hand, let students establish the concept of resource saving Only in this way, our campus can be more tidy, the number of students in the school, the children in recess activities, a lot of carbon dioxide emissions rebound, only trees can enter oxygen, the amount of carbon dioxide can purify the air, so we should plant more trees, so that we can better improve the campus environment. Dear principal, please take my advice and let the students take action Get up, let our only home earth more beautiful.




I think it is very necessary to improve our English level. I would like to give you some suggestions. First of all, I think English class should be both interesting and meaningful.

Once students feel relaxed, they will learn English well. Teachers can tell us jokes in English so that we can improve our listening. Then teachers can ask us to repeat jokes, which can help us improve our English Spoken language.

Second, I think we should also spend some time watching English movies or learning to sing English songs. I think English movies are full of fun and good sentences. It will help us speak better and write more and better English songs are very popular.

It is always great to do popular things. I hope we can have more fun learning English.




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