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关于”中国吃“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Chinese food。以下是关于中国吃的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Chinese food

Chinese cuisine refers to eight Chinese cuisines, including Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Hunan cuisine, and Anhui cuisine. Besides the eight cuisines, there are also some influential cuisines in China, such as northeast cuisine, Hebei cuisine, Henan cuisine, Hubei cuisine, Benbang cuisine, Hakka cuisine, Jiangxi cuisine, Beijing cuisine, and Halal cuisine Bowls, dishes, chopsticks, spoons, etc., the water cup is placed in the upper left corner of the plate, and the wine cup is placed in the upper right corner. Chopsticks and spoons can be placed on a special seat or on a paper cover.

Public chopsticks and spoons are best placed on a dedicated seat. Chinese food is usually served in the following order: cold dishes, hot dishes, and finally sweets and fruits before dinner. The first wet towel served to everyone is a handkerchief, preferably not a face towel.

Then, shrimp, crab, chicken and other dishes are served. The waiter will present a small water basin with floating lemon or rose petals on it. This is not a drink, but is used to wash hands when washing hands and wet them in turn Fingers, rinse gently and dry with a small towel.




Chinese food is healthier. Whenever I go to a restaurant with Chinese people, they always tell me how healthy Chinese food is and how bad Western food is: cry: if I'm wrong, don't call me, but most of the Chinese food I've seen is oily: shock: fried. In every apartment I rent in China, I've been drowned by monosodium glutamate.

Meat is just fat. The first thing I had to do was clean, degrease, and fumigate. The cooking utensils, walls and vents in the kitchen were always dripping with grease.

I saw everyone queuing up at the grocery store, carrying a few gallons of cooking oil back home. A small bottle of cooking oil would be enough for at least a few months. A big Chinese bottle would last me or years.

The only place where you can find such a big bottle in your home is Sam's club or some other warehouse type grocery store designed for prisons and hospitals. I'm always told by Chinese how bad McDonald's is and how much they hate it. But every time I go through McDonald's or KFC, the customers there are the only Chinese who can let McDonald's operate in China I know that some Chinese people will say, "the Chinese food in the restaurant is not good, but the Chinese food at home is healthy." I'm sorry, I have eaten a lot of food in Chinese families, and I know that this is not always the case.

Basically all food is healthy, no matter which country it is produced in, it depends on how the chef cooks it.





Some people like to eat at food stands or restaurants, some like to prepare and eat at home. Do you like to support your answer with specific reasons and examples? Some people like to eat at food stands and restaurants, while others like to cook at home, it depends on their lifestyle. People who are busy working outside don't always have time to cook.

They always like the convenience of eating out, but it's cheaper and healthier to eat at home, and it's fast to eat in a restaurant. When my friends and I eat in a restaurant, you can add up and the bill usually exceeds $20. I can use that money to buy a lot of food.

Even if I eat lunch in a fast food restaurant, it costs 5 to 6 dollars per person, which is enough to support the family at home eating at home is better for you, too much. The food in restaurants is usually high in fat and calories, and they provide more food than you can eat in a single meal. If you cook at home, you can have more control over the ingredients, you can use margarine instead of butter, or you can control your portion by not putting so much cheese on your pizza at home.

In a restaurant, you can eat as you like, and you may eat a full plate of food "because you paid." indeed, eating out is very convenient. You don't have to shop, cook or play Cleaning, but real home cooking doesn't take much time. There are a lot of simple meals that don't take long.

In fact, they are faster than eating out, especially when you think of driving to a restaurant, parking, waiting for a table, etc., and driving home eating in a restaurant and cooking at home are both satisfying. You can taste delicious food, and you can also have family and friends Enjoy together, because of money and health problems, I prefer to cook at home, but people will choose the choice that best suits their lifestyle.


有些人喜欢在食品摊或餐馆吃饭,有些人喜欢在家里准备和吃东西,你喜欢用具体的理由和例子来支持你的答案?有些人喜欢在食品摊和餐馆吃饭,虽然其他人喜欢在家做饭,但这取决于他们的生活方式。那些在外面工作很忙的人并不总是有时间做饭他们总喜欢外出就餐的便利性,不过,在家吃东西更便宜更健康,而在餐馆吃东西很快,当我和朋友在餐馆吃饭时,你花的钱可以加起来,账单通常超过20美元。我可以用那笔钱买很多食品,即使是在快餐店吃午饭,一个人也要花5到6美元,这足够在家养活全家了 在家吃饭对你更有利,太多了,餐馆的饭菜通常都是高脂肪和高热量的,而且他们提供的食物比你一顿饭吃的要多。

如果你在家做饭,你可以对配料有更多的控制,你可以用人造黄油代替黄油,或者在家里的比萨饼上不要放那么多奶酪,你可以控制自己的份量在餐馆里你可以随心所欲地吃,你可能会吃满一盘食物“因为你付了钱”‰的确,外出就餐很方便你不必购物、做饭或打扫卫生,但真正的家庭烹饪不需要花费太多时间,有很多简单的饭菜并不需要很长时间事实上,他们比在外面吃饭要快,尤其是当你想到开车去餐馆、停车、等桌子、等服务的时间,开车回家 在餐馆吃饭和在家做饭都能让人满意,既能尝到美味,又能与家人和朋友一起享受,因为钱和健康问题,我更喜欢在家做饭,但人们会选择最适合他们生活方式的选择。


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