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I decided to be a lawyer. I chose this position for two main reasons: first, I want to help innocent people get rid of their guilt. Because I saw many innocent people become scapegoats of real criminals in the movies, I decided to avoid such cases in real life.

It was a job with rich income and broad prospects. Although I have to admit that it may be much more difficult to do this job well, the rich salary and favorable treatment give me the motivation to pursue it, in order to realize my dream, I must make full use of my spare time to acquire the necessary knowledge and become one of the best in this field.




It is a good rule not to smoke in public places and office buildings. I believe that this rule can not only improve people's health, but also increase the productivity of workers and reduce conflicts. Unfortunately, when smokers are able to smoke in public buildings, they may make others ill, and they may work with people who are allergic to smoking.

For example, in this case, non-smokers have no choice but to become weaker unless they want to quit. Of course, it is unfair to ban smoking in public buildings and offices For non-smokers, it will also improve the health of smokers. Their chances of smoking will be reduced, so they will smoke less.

Banning smoking in office buildings can also improve the productivity of workers. Smokers will not interrupt their work all the time. Smoking will also reduce workers' absence.

When smokers reduce the number of cigarettes, they will eventually suffer from fewer smoking related diseases in public places It's a good idea to ban smoking in all offices because it can reduce conflicts. People who don't smoke tend to be angry and jealous, because smokers have an excuse to take a break. However, the most important conflict is whether smokers have the right to smoke in public places.

As we have seen, non-smokers feel that if they are allowed to smoke in public places, they will be forced to breathe harmful air, which may violate their rights. Non smokers are angry with smokers because it is obvious that banning smoking in public places and office buildings is a good idea It will reduce conflict and increase productivity. It will also benefit the health of smokers and non-smokers.

I believe anything that can improve our health is a good idea.





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