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关于”描写人外貌“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Describe people's appearance。以下是关于描写人外貌的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe people's appearance

My friend Wei Wei is a lively and intelligent girl. She has long black hair. She is the tallest girl in our class.

She is warm-hearted and beautiful, so everyone loves her. I'm happy to make friends with her. I am also very outgoing, so we are good friends, but sometimes I like quiet, but her score is not very good, she said she should study hard so that we can go to the same university.

This man is my best friend Vivian, and I can tell him all my feelings and thoughts. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the second president of the United States, was the central figure of world events in the middle of the century. During the world economic crisis and World War, he led the only American president elected more than two terms.

He established a lasting alliance and readjusted the political pattern of the United States for decades. Last November, Roosevelt defeated current Republican Herbert Hoover at the height of the great depression. Roosevelt's combination of optimism and positivism helped to revive the national spirit.

He worked closely with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin to lead the Allies against Germany and Japan in World War II. He died just before victory. My grandfather was in his 70s.

He was a kind old man. He used to live with my family at that time When I was sick, I always spent more than an hour checking my homework. He took good care of me.

My grandfather was very warm-hearted to the neighbors. One day, he would help them. A girl in the neighborhood accidentally hurt her leg.

My grandfather immediately took her to the hospital and paid for it with his savings. Now my grandfather and aunt live in another city. My parents and I miss him very much.

I hope I can visit him as soon as possible.






Dolphins are mammals and cetaceans. They are odontoids and finless porpoises, commonly known as dolphins. They are distributed in all the oceans of the world.

They are meters in length and kg in weight. Their tongues are generally sharp, and their star teeth are gradually pointed from top to bottom. In their "collective" life, there are at least a few dolphins that mainly feed on small fish, squid, shrimp and crabs Intelligent marine mammals.




He used to be a man with a purple round face, which has been replaced by yellow glow. In addition, he has deep wrinkles on his eyes. Like his father, he is red and swollen everywhere.

I know that the man planted by the sea has been blowing all day. Maybe he has a crack on his head and only a thin cotton wadding is left. On his body, SASO carries a long breathing tube in his hands, which is mine The red circle you don't remember is your hand, but you are stupid and cracked.

Like pine bark, you bring the world to the baby of the day. You have a pan Hu's small head, those thin hair, the seedlings unearthed from Xianggang, like yellow, but like the lovely face with vigorous vitality. You like the apple at the tree head, sweet, you can make the mouth that people like happy, and the tongue curls slightly Like singing, I remember my mother's sweet pacifier.

Because she was too fat, her chin almost turned into two smiles. Her eyes and muscles on her face almost became two bends. Like two bright moons in front of her eyes, Seth greedily looked at this beautiful world and looked up with her ears, as if listening to the beautiful sounds around her.

The small bell like a bridge of nose was embedded in the center, three-dimensional, yes So eye-catching, how lively and lovely this little baby is. She is just a little angel. She keeps her ears short hair.

She always gives Qiao zhe two hairpins with long hair close to his ears, showing his smooth little eyes on his white face. He is careful to grow, but he is very good-looking. His smile turns into two joints.

His nose is slightly upturned. A smart skin gives people the impression of her Usually she likes to wear a white blue dress. Qubei is wide and big.

She runs, dressed like a flower, as dull as a butterfly. Even before her eyes, she is making Mei move around, just like two mice. She drills a hole in the dark, pricks up her ears, moves her beard to see if there is a cat or a naughty child hidden in the air His face is blue and white, and the wrinkles between them are sometimes bruised.

Although Luan pengpeng wears Changshan's white beard, it is dirty and broken. It seems that he has not mended it for many years and has not been washed. ".




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