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关于”有室友的坏处“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Bad for roommates。以下是关于有室友的坏处的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Bad for roommates

I studied in a high school. The school was far away from my home, so I had to live in the school on the first day when I came to the school. The headmaster led me to a dormitory.

He said that I would have three roommates. I was the first to come. So I waited a minute to see my roommates.

They came from different places. I learned how to get along with them. Li Hua likes music very much.

He can play guitar He plays the guitar when he is not in class. Wang Hai likes to read all kinds of novels. Sometimes he will read novels all night.

Su Kai likes playing basketball. While reading all the news of NBA, he likes playing tennis. Although we have different hobbies, we share our happiness and sadness.

The differences make our life colorful.




Now we live in school, and we are arranged to live with other students. This is the school tradition. As the Chinese old saying goes, when the forest grows larger, there will be all kinds of birds.

More people mean the living environment and contradictions. Getting along with roommates will bring both good and bad aspects. When a student lives alone, he will have no one to talk to and no one to share His sadness and happiness, his emotions can not alleviate, we are human beings, we live in a world full of people, we need to communicate with people, this is very important, healthy spiritual communication makes the world warm and harmonious, living with roommates can make students learn how to get along with others, and living with roommates also has a negative side, which may lead to conflicts and disputes between students, It is difficult to assign the responsibility of cleaning the room, which is what people naturally do.

When they live together for a long time, they quarrel with each other, and even our parents sometimes quarrel. So if the dispute can not be reasonably resolved, students will not live in a harmonious environment like living in a room, and everyone has the responsibility to clean the room. This is a very troublesome problem Some students don't have the sense to perform their duties as a whole, live with your roommate, both positive and negative.

To me, I tend to support the good side. We need roommates. We can't live alone.

We should share our sadness and happiness with others.




My roommate was very interested in a young man in her English literature class, but she was so shy that one day she overheard him saying that he was going to the library to buy a book. She rushed to the library to find the book and put a letter from her mother into the book. "Why does he read your mother's letter?" I asked, "he won't, but if he's a gentleman, he'll give it back to me." The envelope had her dormitory and room number, and of course he showed up the next day with a letter asking my roommate out on a date.

"It won't fail," she told me later. "This book is very promising. Note: overhear V on a date.

She said: 1) my roommate is very interested in a young man in her class a math B English C English iterative physics 2) how does she know he is on the way to the library a he told her, B she just guessed C her classmates told her that when he was talking to others, she overheard this sentence. ③ she rushed to the library and put a love letter B a rose C a letter from her mother d a piece of paper The note says her bedroom and room number. ④ the young man knows where to find the girl, because the letter B has her bedroom and room number.

B is the room number on her dormitory envelope. C he found her phone number. D his classmates helped him.

5. What happened finally? A young man only returned the letter to her. B young man ignored the letter C.

The young man was too shy to ask her out for a date It is true that ① C ② D ③ C ④ B ⑤ D has been achieved.





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