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关于”美国地理“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:American Geography。以下是关于美国地理的专升本英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:American Geography

It is located in the middle of Italy and Italy. It is located in the middle of Europe and borders on the Italian Republic. The country borders on San Marino and the Vatican, both of which are completely surrounded by Italian territory.

Italy covers an area of square kilometers and has a coastline of KM miles, including Sicily and Sardinia. Italy is slightly larger than Rome, Arizona, and is located in the center of the country's West Coast peninsula. Other major cities include Milan, Naples, Genoa and Florence Venice, Palermo, Bologna and Bari.




A study shows that young Americans know little about world geography. Most of them can't find Iraq on the map, three-quarters can't find Indonesia, most of them can't find Iraq on the map, and three-quarters can't find Indonesia The poll, conducted by Roper Poll on behalf of National Geographic, found that most young people between the ages of and knew little about their country, and half or less of them could not identify new York or Ohio on a map. In addition, according to the study, many respondents are not bothered by their lack of geographic knowledge.

"Half of them think it is' important but not absolutely necessary to know where the country in the news is or to be able to speak a foreign language." a survey report says that when asked about natural disasters, nine out of ten people can't find Afghanistan on the map of Asia, and 90 percent can't find Korea However, Pakistan has to be chosen correctly from four possible options, because the country suffered a major earthquake in October. The survey, which was conducted between December and January, included interviews with national geographic, which was released on Tuesday to improve the geographic knowledge of young Americans. "Geographic illiteracy affects our economic well-being, our relationships with other countries and the environment, and insulates us from our world," said John Fay, President of the national Geographic Society, We are not ready to face the increasingly fierce challenges of the connected world.


一项研究显示,美国年轻人对世界地理知之甚少,其中大多数人在地图上找不到伊拉克,四分之三的人找不到印度尼西亚,美国年轻人对世界地理知之甚少,大多数人在地图上找不到伊拉克,四分之三的人找不到印度尼西亚,根据《国家地理杂志》的一项调查,罗珀民意调查公司(roper poll)代表《国家地理》进行了这项调查,结果发现大多数年龄在岁至岁之间的年轻人对自己的国家知之甚少,其中一半或更少的人无法在地图上识别出纽约州或俄亥俄州。此外,该研究称,许多被调查者不为他们缺乏地理知识而烦恼“一半人认为知道新闻中的国家在哪里或者能够说一门外语是‘重要但不是绝对必要的’,“一份调查报告说,当被问及自然灾害时,十分之九的人在亚洲地图上找不到阿富汗,百分之九十的人找不到朝鲜,只有正确地从四个可能的选择中选择了巴基斯坦,因为这个国家在xx月遭受了一场大地震。这项调查是在xx月到xx月之间进行的,包括采访国家地理上周二发布的调查,目的是为了提高美国年轻人的地理知识“地理文盲影响我们的经济福祉,我们与其他国家和环境的关系,并将我们与我们的世界隔绝,”国家地理学会主席约翰·费伊说,“没有地理知识,我们的年轻人就没有准备好面对日益互联和竞争日益激烈的世界的挑战”:。


The total land area adjacent to the United States is about 100 million acres. Alaska is separated from the adjacent United States by Canada. It is the largest state in Hawaii, covering an area of 10000 acres.

It is located in the central Pacific Ocean and southwest of North America. It has more than one million acres of land. In terms of total area, the United States is the third or fourth largest country in the world, ranking slightly higher or lower than China 。 The ranking is different due to the calculation of the disputed two territories of China and India, as well as the calculation method of the total area of the United States: the world profile of the CIA gives square mile kilometers, the United Nations statistics department gives square kilometers mile kilometers, and the British encyclopedia gives square mile kilometers, including only land area.

The United States is second only to Russia and China in area, only in Canada Before the great Teton mountains, part of the Rocky Mountains along the Atlantic coast plain extended inland, becoming deciduous forests and hilly foothills. The Appalachian Mountains separate the east coast from the Great Lakes and the central and Western grasslands. The Mississippi Missouri River is the fourth longest river system in the world, mainly flowing through the north-south through the center of the country.

The flat and fertile plain extends to the West and is interrupted by a highland in the southeast. The Rockies are located on the western edge of the Great Plains, extending from north to south across the country, at an altitude of more than feet m) in Colorado, further west are large rocky basins and deserts, such as the Mojave mountains, the Nevada Mountains, and the Cascade Mountains, which are close to the Pacific coast. Mt.

McKinley in Alaska is the highest mountain in the United States, and in Alaska, Alexa Both Shanda and Aleutian Islands are common. Hawaii is made up of volcanic islands. The supervolcanoes under Yellowstone National Park in the Rockies are the largest volcanic landforms on the continent.





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