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When I was a naughty child, maybe it was because of the influence of the film "little soldier zhangga", my dream was to become a soldier like Zhang GA. I think if I was a soldier, I should be able to swim and climb trees like him. It seemed wonderful, so I began to learn to swim and climb trees.

I practiced every day. In the end, I could do them well. But when I entered junior high school for military training, I suddenly found that it was very difficult to be a soldier.

I didn't have enough strength to bear it. I had to give up my dream, but I didn't get discouraged. I had a new goal, that is to be a soldier As a postman, or rather, as a newsboy, like a newsboy, I could gallop down the street and throw newspapers on every porch, which was cool too, so I started to learn how to ride a bike, and after every day's practice, I could cycle very fast, but to my disappointment, the job I wanted was only in the west, not in the West It's China.

Because there is no porch in China, the postman in China has to pack a lot of newspapers from a very narrow entrance into a small mailbox. This job is far from my expectation, so my dream has fallen through again. Maybe you and I have the same experience, most of your dreams have not been realized, but I don't think it's important, because if you have a dream, you can It's really important that I make a lot of efforts to achieve it.

If I didn't dream of becoming a soldier or a newsboy, I would not have learned to swim, climb trees or ride a bicycle. Even if our dream can't come true, you will learn a lot from your efforts. So what I want to tell us is that dreams help us grow and teach us how to control our lives It is the dream that gives us strength and makes our life full of colorful dreams.




I remember that when I was a child, my mother often used this poem to describe the beauty of the grassland: cangcangcang, mangmangmang, fengcuicao, Dixian cattle and sheep. In English, it means clear sky, endless plain, grass bending in the wind, herding horses and sheep. I could recite this poem before I entered primary school a few years ago.

My mother visited a grassland in Inner Mongolia, and she said that it was a speechless word The description of the natural charm, her description firmly imprinted in my mind, I began to desire to travel to the grassland, a year ago, when my mother and I went to the grassland, the wonderful picture in my mind completely changed. I can't believe that the scene in front of me is just a piece of sparse grass in the distance. I only saw a few horses lazily eating grass.

I asked my mother: green and green I was shocked to see the difference between the grassland in my dream and the things in front of me on my way home. I thought a lot and tried to find the answer. Now that I have grown up, I can let others know my dream.

Overgrazing and extensive farming have destroyed the grassland and taken away the charm of our home. But I believe that one day, the grassland will be restored and its real wealth and beauty will be realized, as long as everyone contributes to the reconstruction of our homeland.




A guide is a person who guides a group of tourists around a town, museum or other tourist attractions. The guide explained the characteristics and history of the area. A tour guide can travel for a long time from a few minutes to a few days.

Usually, a person usually has a qualification issued or recognized by the relevant authorities. When I traveled with my parents in Nanjing, Yangzhou and Suzhou last summer, I always had an idea in my mind that I could consider becoming an English tour guide another day. Yes, why not travel can broaden my vision and deepen my understanding of the beauty of China and the world.

If I can realize my dream, then I can enjoy the beauty of free tourist attractions, make money, enrich my life, and improve my quality of life.





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