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关于”描述风景的题目“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:A title describing the scenery。以下是关于描述风景的题目的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A title describing the scenery

Qingdao landscape students, we all know that there are many scenic spots in Qingdao, such as the bridge, Shilaoren rain forest valley and Laoshan Mountain, Shimei, underwater world, Zhongshan Park, etc. they are all one of the "Lilian" bridges in Qingdao, especially the underwater world, Shilaoren and Laoshan. Another attractive place to visit the sea of people is the nature of the sea, which gives us a lot of opportunities, Take the Olympic Games for example, Qingdao is because of the sea, so we have chosen the right sailing venue.

The sea also gives us strength. When you are tired, look at the sea. Fatigue will appear in an instant when you are under great pressure.

Looking at the vast sea, you will be covered with all the vast sea like the ocean of knowledge. Let us know that many underwater world is in a clear sea in autumn, in the rain forest In the valley of Laoshan, there are ten Meian autumn leaves in Laoshan. "Saul lies on the ground like a layer of oranges.

It's soft to walk on the carpet. It can be fun and beautiful. Qingdao is so beautiful.

I don't want such beautiful scenery to be damaged by those garbage men. So we should protect the environment and make the city of Qingdao more beautiful.




Trees outside my window - from my room window, I can see a tall rose Hibiscus in spring. The green leaves are half covered by mist, and the trees are decorated with red flowers. It looks very charming.

My neighbor is always excited, and I gradually regard it as my best friend. One morning, when I opened the window, I was surprised that the tree was almost bare and completely changed due to the storm the previous night. Thinking that all the flowers are destined to fall, I can't help but sigh with emotion: the road of life has never been smooth, because there are so many ups and downs, twists and turns, the vicissitudes of my life, to see my dear friends one by one, this is not like a tree withering in the wind? One day after I came home from the countryside, it disappeared from my memory as time went on.

I found the room very stuffy. I opened the window, and the things outside attracted my eyes and dazzled me. This is a cherry tree, full of bright red flowers, in the setting sun, I am ecstatic.

I don't know why I sprout the unyielding life Hibiscus on those withered petals. When the last withered petal falls, all the joy of Hibiscus is like nothing left. Until the scenery ignites red plum blossom again, reminding people of the cycle and continuation of life, can't we say that life is a symphony, a composition station of gain and loss harmony In front of my long lost thoughts window, I realize that no scenery in the world is unchangeable.

As long as your heart is bathed in the sun, every dawn will show you a bright future, and the world will always be full of new hope.





I live in a small town in Hainan Island, where there are beautiful sea and many coconut trees. When I was a child, I used to swim with my family. My family had a person.

My grandmother, father, mother, sister, younger brother and my father and mother retired. My sister worked in the government. My brother and I went to the same university for vacation.

We had a happy meal every day and then worked happily together.




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