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关于”我的妈妈外貌“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:My mother's appearance。以下是关于我的妈妈外貌的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My mother's appearance

Hello, everyone. I am a cheerful person. Straight boys are not very standard for my body.

There may be a situation where the wind is blowing. I may be blown away. Hee hee and transfer it to the camera.

This makes me proud. It means that the status of the expert is better than others. Hee hee, it seems to be a bit narcissistic.

I will shrink it a little bit, like Sahara sand Mo's face eliminates injustice. He also wears a pair of thick glasses on his nose, plus some high-quality high-pressure combined refraction eyes, and a pair of serious and meticulous eyes (Lev Tolstoy's eyes can shine comparably). Of course, my eyes are a little small, but I have never heard of them before.




My mother, she has brown curly hair, braided hair, like a horse's tail, two curved eyebrows, like a pair of smiling boat, God's eyes have two round eyes, like two grapes, mother has a red mouth, she smiles, showing a row of white teeth, and mother also has a pair of big ears. When her mother is angry, her eyebrows go up a little, her eyes are as big as a clock, She glanced angrily, her nostrils panting, the corners of her mouth tilted downward, and when my mother was happy, her eyebrows bent, her eyes narrowed, and the corners of her mouth turned up.




He used to be a man with a purple round face, which has been replaced by yellow glow. In addition, he has deep wrinkles on his eyes. Like his father, he is red and swollen everywhere.

I know that the man planted by the sea has been blowing all day. Maybe he has a crack on his head and only a thin cotton wadding is left. On his body, SASO carries a long breathing tube in his hands, which is mine The red circle you don't remember is the hand, but you are stupid and cracked, like the careful intestines of a pine tree.

When you arrived at the baby a few days ago, you had a pan tiger's small head. Those thin hair, the seedlings unearthed from Xianggang, looked like yellow, but like the lovely face full of vitality, like apple at the head of a tree, sweet, you can like a small mouth like peach kernel, happy, tongue slightly rolled up He likes singing and remembering his mother's sweet pacifier. Because he is too fat, his chin almost turns into two smiles.

His eyes and muscles on his face are almost two curved, like two crystal bright moons in front of him. He greedily looks at this beautiful world and looks up with his ears, as if listening to the beautiful sounds around him. The small bell like bridge of his nose is embedded in the center, which is full of three-dimensional feeling This shocked the baby how lively, how cute, she is just a little Anji, with her ears and short hair, always with two hairpins on her head, long hair close to the ears, showing smooth small eyes on her white face, carefully growing, but very good-looking, smile into two joints, nose slightly upturned, playful impression is very cute She usually likes to wear a white Randy skirt.

She is white and broad. She runs, dressed like a flower, flying like a butterfly. She is a little lazy.

Even in front of her eyes, she is turning her eyebrows. Just like two mice, it drills a hole in the dark, pricks up its ears, and moves its beard to see if there is a cat or a naughty child, suspicious and philosophical "On his high, blue and white face, there are some hurtful and fluffy white between the wrinkles. Although he wears Changshan, it is hidden that you have broken it.

It seems that he has not been mended for many years and has not been washed yet.".




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