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关于”文化的魅力开头“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The charm of culture。以下是关于文化的魅力开头的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The charm of culture

Music is a part of our life. When I was very young, no one would say no to music. Everyone had their own music taste.

My parents would let me listen to classical music. They wanted to cultivate my interest and have good taste. But as I grew up, I fell in love with roll music, which made me feel cool.

It is said that music can cure people's soul when I am not happy Yes, when I am immersed in music, I will listen to music and dance in my bedroom. I will soon forget my sadness and worries. For many Chinese students, listening to songs is a good way to learn a second language.

They learn words by listening to English songs. This is an effective way to make music full of charm.




For most boys, they like watching basketball games because they like playing basketball. Today, more and more girls fall in love with sports. They have become the fans who are full of enthusiasm for sports since the Beijing Olympic Games.

More and more sports are well known by the public. I am a super fan of tennis games. I once had a famous sport Mobilization said that a ball can change everything, you will never know the result until the last minute, I think this is the charm of sports, athletes never give up and fight the last minute, they inspire people to persist, their spirit moved so many people.




Compared with English and other Latin languages, Chinese faces some challenges. Chinese is not so popular and it is more difficult for computer word processing. Some college students doubt whether it is still one of the best languages in the world, ignoring the extensive research on Chinese learning, which reveals that Chinese has many advantages over other languages.

Written Chinese is based on a group of ideographic characters On the basis of that, people can get rich information about its implied meaning from a simple word. Historians of evolution history and related phrases can decipher the broken ancient characters carved on ox horns. However, it is impossible to express a specific idea in Latin language.

The Chinese version is always the shortest, most accurate and effective. Moreover, Chinese children are familiar with it It is generally acknowledged that the human brain and pattern recognition, in turn, promote the development of the brain. Chinese is also very easy to learn.

Many foreigners can speak fluent Chinese after learning in recent years. China has successfully developed some word processing programs, which are better than English and pattern recognition With the development of China, there are still many treasures to be explored. More and more foreigners will learn Chinese and share their precious wealth.




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