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关于”当一名老师的职业规划“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Career planning for being a teacher。以下是关于当一名老师的职业规划的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Career planning for being a teacher

I have been planning my career since I was a freshman. I have always known that I want to apply for CET3. My dream career is English interpreter.

I want to become an English teacher after I quit my job as an interpreter. I don't want to be bound by a job. I can change my career once or twice.

I can gain different experiences and enrich myself My life as part of my career planning, I made a strict plan for myself. In my first year of college, I expanded my vocabulary and learned grammar. I know that if I want to use English fluently in the future, I should have a complete foundation, especially in the second grade.

If I want to translate freely, I begin to apply for some part-time interpreting jobs. I know I should get enough work experience so that I can win in the competitive job market. Moreover, I have known more foreigners who will be of great help to my future work.

Now I start to send my resume to the internship company of foreign companies in the third grade. I know clearly that it is too late if I send my resume to apply for a job near the graduation of the fourth grade. If my company is satisfied with me, I will stay there after I graduate from university.

I will send my resume to other companies after I earn enough money and experience, and I will transfer my position to other companies As a teacher, I will have more free time to control my English level. I think I am qualified to be an English teacher. In terms of teaching skills, I will definitely take part in some good teachers' classes and learn from them.

I will also communicate with students to understand what they are thinking and what they really need. I will teach students my own English learning methods, show them the outside world, and introduce them new ideas to broaden their horizons.





I have a career planning step to analyze its own advantages: I have a strong sense of responsibility, so open, honest, frank, confident shortcomings: not only careless work, but also not careful. Second, the career goal is to become a manager with outstanding contributions in the financial field, guide me away from the goal gap: professional knowledge, knowledge depth is not enough, theoretical basis does not form a system For example, the issuing point of the third subpoena, the goal of the development stage is (a) short term: vocational high school can get accounting certificate in the last few months, and can be employed to enter e-commerce certificate after the first three examinations. Long term: target five years, supermarket cashier summer internship time to two meetings In order to lay a good foundation for the future work, I understand that if we want to succeed, we should have a rich life.

Then I began to form the habit of being versatile, flexible and good at selling our own specialties Business financial experts, e-commerce financial scheduling, especially our two students access to information, update fast, although we have many shortcomings, but we choose it is based on the established goal and strive, we firmly believe that we will eventually achieve our long-term requirements of the destination.




My major is human resource management, which improves my ability to adapt to more complex situations in the future. I have a wide range of hobbies, such as swimming, fishing, surfing, playing chess, playing basketball and online games. Obviously, I will indulge in really interesting and meaningful books or movies.

Fishing and playing chess enable me to obtain an environment that calms my mind and mind.




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