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关于”中国传统文化经典故事“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Classic stories of Chinese traditional culture。以下是关于中国传统文化经典故事的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Classic stories of Chinese traditional culture

China has many years of history. We are proud of our profound culture every year. We are looking forward to having festivals in traditional festivals.

They are an important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for young people, when young people are asked about the meaning of traditional festivals, the significance of these festivals is gradually disappearing. For example, some young people do not know that the Mid Autumn Festival is to commemorate their ancestors In fact, most of the festivals are publicized through commercial advertisements.

Some of the advertisements they show try to indoctrinate people with wrong ideas in the sense of festivals, just to attract more consumers. The loss of the meaning of traditional festivals has brought negative effects on the protection of traditional culture. The mass media should advocate the essence of festivals and let the younger generation Learn more about our culture and be proud of it.




Chinese traditional culture is the fundamental creation of the fruits of Chinese civilization and the whole of moral inheritance, various cultural thoughts and spiritual concepts in the history of the Chinese nation. The main body of Chinese traditional culture is the Confucian culture represented by Confucius. Ancient Chinese history is the sum of various types of material and non-material culture, such as politics, economy, thought and art, Also known as Chinese culture and Chinese civilization, it is the leader of Chinese excellent culture.

In the past few years, it has spread ancient and widely. Culture is the natural law of the universe. Culture is the cultural essence of moral connotation, cultural life and cultural soft power of cultural life.

It is the internal power of all cultures and social ideology, the spirit of the Chinese nation, and the root of social politics and economy book.




When drinking tea, Chinese people attach great importance to the behavior of "tea tasting" and "tea tasting". It is not only a way to distinguish good tea from plain tea, but also how people can extract a little leisure from their busy work, make a pot of strong tea, and get a quiet space, so as to intoxicate their reverie and drink tea. Serving and drinking tea by themselves can help to eliminate fatigue and frustration Improve thinking ability and stimulate enthusiasm.

You can also take a sip and enjoy the subtle charm of tea until your spirit rises to a lofty aesthetic realm - architecture, gardens, decorations and tea sets are the elements of tea tasting atmosphere. The quiet, refreshing, comfortable and clean environment is undoubtedly the ideal place for tea drinking. Chinese gardens are famous in the world, and there are countless beautiful Chinese landscapes.

Tea houses are hidden in the garden, nestled in the natural beauty, with beautiful mountains and rivers. It is a good place for people to rest and enjoy themselves. China is a country with ancient civilization and etiquette.

When guests come, make tea first, then serve tea. You can ask them what kind of tea they like and serve them tea in the most appropriate cup. In the process of serving tea, the host usually needs to pay attention to how much water is left in the cup and the pot.

If it is brewed from a teacup, it should be added with boiling water after half a cup. After drinking, the cup should be kept full, so that the tea can maintain the same floral fragrance and keep warm throughout the whole tea drinking process. Refreshments, desserts and other dishes can be served during tea drinking to supplement the aroma of tea and relieve people's hunger.






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