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关于”有关中国暴发疫情“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:About the outbreak in China。以下是关于有关中国暴发疫情的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About the outbreak in China

There are many different kinds of Chinese food in China. It is very famous in the world. Many foreigners like it very much.

It is also very popular in the world. They are Guangdong food, Sichuan food, Shanghai food, Hunan food and so on. Generally speaking, Guangdong food is a little light, Sichuan food is hot, Shanghai food is greasy, Hunan food is hot, Mapo Tofu, steamed fish, sweet and sour spareribs, spring rolls and many Chinese dishes are delicious.

Different people like different foods. In southern China, we eat rice every day. Sometimes we eat two or three times a day.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, we usually eat fish, meat and vegetables. But in northern China, three people eat a lot of noodles and dumplings. In our family, my father likes dumplings very much, but my mother doesn't like it at all.

I like spring rolls. Meat is my favorite food. I like Chinese food lothttp://xbxxyzedunet/showArticleAspaticleId=.





As we all know, China has a long history, rich culture and unique style. It is said that every corner of ancient Chinese history is full of various outstanding works of art, which have brought people a lot of feelings, experiences, images and thoughts about life. But China also had an unhappy past because she saw a lot: the anti feudal revolution of 1911 Life broke out in the civil war during the Anti Japanese War and brought pain and poverty to the Chinese people in most major events.

However, they never gave in on the contrary. People learned not to cry in front of difficulties. They were taught to solve every problem firmly.

This is a difficult period. The people's Republic of China has finally achieved success in the process of rebuilding and developing the motherland. Since then, the people's Republic of China has become an independent country.

Since then, it has begun to go to the world and establish friendly bridges with many countries. China has made rapid progress in all aspects, especially in the field of science and technology. It can be said that China's new history is full of great achievements in space exploration.

The long march series rockets successfully developed by the Chinese Academy of sciences are currently serving the country China also plays an important role in preparing for the first manned space flight to the moon. Our scientists have announced that they have completed part of the international human genome project. So far, China has attracted more and more attention all over the world.

She is showing the world its great changes and becoming active. On the world stage, shell will surely have a better future.




Novel coronavirus has broken out in Guangzhou because we have to go to Wuhan because we have no more time to play. Last night, my mother told me about the picture book about the new coronavirus, from which I learned that the virus originally grew on wild animals. However, because some people ate wild animals and killed wild animals, the new coronavirus ran to us and settled down.

Although the virus is very dangerous, there are still ways to deal with it, especially those doctors who are trying to treat infected patients Some of them have recovered and left the hospital where I stay at home. My grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother I dare not go out. If anyone wants to go out to buy food, I will remind him: "don't forget to put on the mask." the virus has brought great disaster to mankind.

I want to say to you, "come on, we have a way to deal with this virus, and we will win.".


这几天我很难过,因为我们要去广州旅游,因为武汉爆发了这种新型冠状病毒,我们不能再玩了。昨晚,我妈妈告诉我关于新冠状病毒的图画书,我从中得知病毒最初是在野生动物身上生长的,但是因为有些人吃野生动物,杀了野生动物,新的冠状病毒跑到我们人类身上定居下来虽然病毒非常危险,但还是有办法对付的,特别是那些正在努力治疗感染病人的医生,他们中的一些已经康复,离开了我呆在家里的医院我的祖父、祖母、父亲、母亲和哥哥我不敢出门如果有人想出去买食物,我会提醒他:“别忘了戴上口罩”; 病毒给人类带来了巨大的灾难我想对你说,“来吧,我们有办法对付这种病毒,我们会赢的”。


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