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关于”强烈的情感“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Strong emotion。以下是关于强烈的情感的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Strong emotion

You know, selfie is a self portrait. It usually refers to a picture of yourself. You can share the people's self that I often see on any social networking website around me.

When I see delicious food, I will take a picture of myself at the party with my classmates and then put it on the website to share the selfie I think people like because they want to share my happiness and record your life. With the trend of society, I feel that It's normal to take a selfie. More people will fall in love with it.




No matter how mean your life is, face it, live it, don't run away from it, don't call it a bad name, it's not as bad as you are now. When you are the richest, the picky will find faults in heaven and love your life. Even though it is poor, you may have some pleasant, exciting, glorious times.

Even in the slums, the sun reflects from the windows of the alms house as brightly as from the windows of the rich. In the early spring, the snow melts in front of the door. I can't see it, but a quiet person may live there as contentedly and happily as in a palace.

In my opinion, the poor people in the town tend to live the most independent lives. In any case, they are great and can be accepted without hesitation. Most people think that they are above the support of the town, but they often feed themselves dishonestly, which should be more disgraceful.

Cultivate poverty like the herbs in the garden, like saints, do not worry about getting new things, whether clothes or friends, get old and come back to them. Things don't change. Let's change clothes and keep your mind.






Sample 1 emotion and health emotion can be defined as a strong human emotion, such as joy, excitement, love, hate, anger, fear, depression, stress, anxiety and many other similar psychological activities. Emotions not only affect our mental health, but also affect our physical health. This belief has been widely accepted by numerous psychiatrists and medical workers.

Emotions are usually divided into three categories There are two kinds of positive emotions: positive emotions and negative emotions. The former refers to happy, happy, happy and other emotions, while the latter refers to fear, fear, anger, pressure, depression and other kinds of psychology. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, excitement is harmful to the heart, anger hurts the liver, depression hurts the lungs, and fear the kidney.

Modern medicine has also found that emotions are directly and closely related to physical health. For example, a person who feels fear and fear may feel sweating at the age of 30. Similarly, if a person feels pain for a long time, he may feel dizzy and suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.

In addition, dyspepsia, insomnia, suicide and several skin diseases can also lead to negative emotions such as depression, disappointment, fear and anxiety. People with positive emotions are usually more immune to the invasion of the disease. A happy lung cancer patient lives longer than a sad and disappointed patient.

The above shows that emotion has a great influence on one's health, body and mind. To keep healthy, one should be happy. Never feel sad or disappointed by failure, frustration or any other undesirable result.

Only in this way can one's life be happier and better. Love is the most beautiful language in the world. We can wipe away tears when we cry When we feel lonely, it brings us happiness.

When we encounter problems, it can even give us confidence. I often listen to some popular songs, most of which are about love. I think it's true that singers sing these songs out loud.

They express their feelings directly. The happiness of loving and being loved is wonderful. Let's try to love each other and make the world full of love.


样本1 情绪与健康 情绪可以定义为一种强烈的人类情感,如喜悦、兴奋、爱、恨、愤怒、恐惧、抑郁、压力、不安和许多其他类似的心理活动情绪不仅影响我们的心理健康,也影响我们的身体健康,这种信念被无数的精神病学家和医务工作者所广泛接受,情绪通常分为两类:积极情绪和消极情绪,前者是指高兴、高兴、愉快等情绪,后者是指恐惧、恐惧、愤怒、压力、抑郁等多种心理中国传统医学理论认为兴奋有害心脏,愤怒伤害肝脏,抑郁伤害肺部,恐惧肾脏。现代医学也发现情绪与身体健康有直接而密切的关系,例如,一个人感到恐惧和害怕,可能会感到出汗,xx岁,同样的,一个人如果长期感到痛苦,可能会感到头晕,患上高血压和心脏病。此外,消化不良、失眠、自杀和几种皮肤病也会导致抑郁、失望、恐惧和不安等消极情绪,积极情绪的人通常对疾病的侵袭更具免疫力一个快乐的肺癌病人比一个悲伤和失望的病人活得更长。

以上说明情绪对一个人的健康,身心都有很大的影响,要保持健康,就要保持快乐,永远不要对失败、挫折或其他任何不希望的结果感到悲伤和失望只有这样,一个人的生活才会更快乐、更美好 样本二 爱是世界上最美丽的语言我们可以在哭泣时擦掉眼泪它可以在我们感到孤独时给我们带来幸福当我们遇到问题时甚至可以给我们信心我经常听一些流行歌曲,大部分都是关于爱情的。歌手们大声唱这些歌我觉得很真实,他们直接表达了他们的感情。爱和被爱的幸福是非常美妙的让我们试着去爱对方,让世界充满爱。


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