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关于”旅游买的纪念品“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Tourist souvenirs。以下是关于旅游买的纪念品的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Tourist souvenirs

By "luxury" we mean "a pleasant, often unnecessary, expensive thing" from a historical point of view. From a historical point of view, things that were luxury at first became necessities. Later, when the light bulb was invented in the United States, it was so luxurious that only government agencies could use it.

Telephones, television and many other things were luxury goods many years ago. Now luxury goods have spread all over the world. Anything, no matter how luxurious, will become a necessity once it is widely used.

Many luxury goods nowadays, including mobile phones and cars, are the same. Computers and many other things are well known. The purpose of scientific development is to make things easier for human beings, not just for a few people.

Therefore, after the emergence of a new invention, the first thing to do is to disseminate it, so as to benefit as many people as possible in the process of dissemination. Luxury goods become more and more luxurious until they become necessities. This is an objective law, and there is no exception.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the process of many things from luxury to necessities will be greatly shortened. Anything imaginable will be invented and will soon become a necessity available to ordinary people.





Chinese knot, namely Chinese traditional decorative knot, is a kind of Arts and crafts decoration with folk characteristics, which originated in ancient times, developed in Tang and Song Dynasties, and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties. From its initial practical use to now, Chinese knot has become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts. Chinese knot refers to that each knot is composed of a rope, which is skillfully combined with different knots or other auspicious decorations.

It is named after its specific form and meaning to form a unique auspicious decoration symbolizing beauty, meaning and wish, such as "happiness, anger, sadness and happiness" "Birthday", "double happiness", "good luck", "wish" and "wish you peace" are traditional Chinese festive expressions, expressing the warmest greetings, best wishes and the best ideals. In order to meet the needs of modern life, there are many kinds of Chinese knot products, mainly auspicious pendants and knitted apparel decoration. Auspicious pendants include large tapestries, large room hanging, car hanging, etc.

knitting clothing decoration includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other special female decorations. Today, Chinese knots are loved by people in its unique form, which is a reason about the moon cake of Yuan Dynasty In BC, China was ruled by the Mongolian People's leader of the last song dynasty (BC was not willing to submit to foreign rule, and set up how to coordinate the rebellion without being discovered by the rebel leaders). The Mid Autumn Festival was approaching, and a special mooncake was ordered.

There was a message on the back of each moon cake, with the outline of the attack on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival written on it They attached to and overthrew the government. People eat moon cakes to commemorate this legend. They are called moon cakes.

They are desserts made of nuts, red bean paste, lotus seed paste or Chinese dates. Sometimes, cooked egg yolk can be found in the middle of the rich flavor desserts. People compare moon cakes to plum pudding and fruit cakes served on British festivals.





Walking on campus, you will find that luxury is not far away for students, some wearing CK clothes, some carrying LV bags. According to an online survey conducted by Tencent in May this year, percent of students claim to have some kind of luxury goods, and the way to obtain luxury goods is very different. Some students get it from their parents because their families are in a good financial situation, and some people do part-time jobs and buy luxury goods themselves.

For example, a college student named Xiaomei said she had been tutoring for three months. In order to buy a bottle of Dior perfume, some people got luxuries as gifts for friends or relatives. I object to students using luxury goods.

As we all know, the price of luxury goods is very high, but students are not independent in economy, they should pay attention to study. In this sense, it is not appropriate for students to use luxury goods.





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