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关于”介绍自己的家乡“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Introduce your hometown。以下是关于介绍自己的家乡的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce your hometown

My hometown is a beautiful and rich coastal city. Dahlias are beautiful all the year round like poems and paintings. Spring is full of birds and flowers.

It gives people a lively scene. The spring sunshine in Dalian is always very gentle. You can feel all the warm breeze on your face, just like a girl in spring gently blowing through the treetops.

Soon, all kinds of flowers will be in bud. You can see the flowers in spring With yellow petals like a small trumpet, cherry blossoms are not willing to fall behind in spring. Opening their small bodies, one after another pink flowers are placed in front of us.

Their petals are crystal clear. People love the petals under the cherry trees. They dance with the wind in the summer, the sun will lose the tenderness of spring, just like a fireball burning on the earth, as if At this time, all the heat will be emitted.

People will gather at the seaside involuntarily. The water in summer is warm. Walking on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, gives people a warm feeling.

You will be shocked, because at that time, you will really feel the green water. The blue color makes you feel that the color of jadeite is too light, and the color of sapphire is too deep. Use any language or East The blue sky reflects the blue water, the blue sky, autumn is the season of chrysanthemum blooming.

People in Dalian will go to see the chrysanthemum exhibition together. You can see the chrysanthemum standing haughtily in the cold autumn, white as snow, red as fire, yellow as gold, pink as gauze, like a small sun, warming our hearts, so that we will not feel cold, autumn scenery is very beautiful, Dalian People can be busy and happy, because this is the harvest season, apples, seafood, big harvest, people's faces with happy smile, Dalian is very warm in winter, but it is a pity that snow girls seldom come here. This is my beautiful and lovely hometown, which makes me intoxicated in Dalian.




My hometown is a beautiful place. It stands at the foot of a broad river and a low green mountain. There are many high-rise buildings and wide streets.

There are trees and flowers everywhere. But it is not always the case. It is a sad and dirty small landlord and businessman who lives in a few good houses.

The working people there are only dark and unhealthy in old houses The rooms and the huts on the narrow, muddy streets used to be poor, many had no jobs, and everything changed after liberation. Under the leadership of the party, the people got rid of the mud and set up schools, theatres, shops and apartments. They built an assembly hall and a hospital by the river.

They built offices, hotels and parks along the river. Many factories sprang up on the river. Ribbons and boats came and went.

Day and night, we transported our industrial products to all parts of the country. I love my hometown and I love its people They have also changed their health and happiness. They are going all out to build socialism.




My hometown is Shanghai. Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is the largest city in China, a famous historical and cultural city and a famous tourist city. Starting from China's largest transportation hub and China's largest port, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou are located on two railway lines in East China.

They are important aviation centers and international economic, financial and trade centers in China. The Shanghai World Expo has attracted nearly countries and international organizations to participate in the Expo. The theme of "Better City, better life" has left rich spiritual consolation for the whole world..





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