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关于”备忘录推迟演出“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:The memo postponed the performance。以下是关于备忘录推迟演出的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The memo postponed the performance

(Memo email letterpostit note): inter office memo: to: from: Date: Subject: body direction: someone proposed using punchin system in the June memo. Write her a memo with the following information. Your memo should be no less than words: Mr.

Brown, Operations Manager: Betty Green executive topic: Comments on "punchin" system date: September, this is your further proposal for employees to adopt punchin system in your June memo. I fully agree with you that we should take measures to improve productivity, and if punchin, however, to be honest, I don't think that adopting a stricter system can improve productivity, which is the most effective way to improve productivity. I think it is to give more motivation to employees.

I think we can further discuss other possibilities to achieve this goal Thank you very much for your consideration, Betty green.


(备忘录电子邮件LetterPostit注):办公室间备忘录:收件人:发件人:日期:主题:身体方向:有人在xx月份的备忘录中提出采用punchin系统的建议给她写一份备忘录,其中包含以下信息你的备忘录应不少于文字:Brown先生,运营经理:Betty Green主管主题:关于“punchin”系统的评论日期:xx月,这是您在xx月的备忘录中提出的员工采用punchin系统的进一步建议。我完全同意您的意见,即我们应该采取措施提高生产力,并且如果punchin但是,老实说,我不认为采用更严格的制度能提高生产率,这是提高生产率的最有效途径,我认为,是为了给员工更多的工作动力我想我们可以进一步讨论实现这一目标的其他可能性您对这个建议的考虑将非常感谢您的真诚,贝蒂·格林:•。


1. Instruct to write a memo about words to the student service department and ask them to fix a telephone number for each dormitory. From Li Ming to the person in charge of the student service department in August, I would like to remind you, dear sir, that as a college student, we need a telephone for each dormitory.

With the increasing communication with teachers, friends and people outside the school, we need an electricity It's very important for us to get and send information. Although most of us have mobile phones and e-mail addresses, the telephone in the dormitory is the most convenient and cheapest communication tool. I hope you can pay attention to this problem and solve it as soon as possible.

For your Li Ming * reminder, please remind someone of something and remind someone to pay attention to two directions. You should write a clearance A memorandum to the leader of the supply department to borrow a microscope for your biological experiment. It should include the reasons why you need it.

When you need a microscope, Mr. Li Ming from the biological laboratory project microscope to Mr. Gates in the supply department.

Dear sir, I am a student in the Department of biology. We need an additional microscope to improve our experimental work The experiment will start on Friday, so please send us the microscope as soon as possible so that we can better prepare for the experiment, and sincerely greet you, Li Ming, from tobacco to tobacco.




Explain if you are p The teacher of the student counselor in steelpes' office, and you have received a letter from a student applying for paid educational leave. Write a memorandum to him and reply to him, including the detailed results of his request and the reasons for rejecting some suggestions. You should write down the P / steelpes career planning theme of paid educational leave.

The application date may be for you to apply for one-year paid educational leave to obtain English literature I have to inform you that we are unable to approve this holiday, and we thank you for your wish to improve your knowledge. We believe that British literature is not directly related to your current position and the objectives of the organization. I understand your great interest in literary works and I would like to point out that if you need additional information about the above information, please feel free to contact me, please Contact P steel at any time.

Please note that because you are the director of a large company, and you are the director of a large company, the director of operations wants to use incentives to increase productivity. Write a memorandum to discuss this issue. If the company does not adopt this system, what else can we do to improve productivity? You should write these words to David Green Tony party The comments of supervisor's director of operations on punchin system is a further supplement to your memorandum in March.

In your memorandum, you proposed that employees adopt punchin system. I fully agree with you that we must improve productivity, because your suggestion is that if we adopt punchin system, we will have more stringent system, but I personally think that to achieve this, we should give More incentives for employees to work faster. I think if our supervisor can meet with you, we can discuss the different possibilities of creating such incentives.

Your consideration of this proposal will be to thank Tony party punchingsystem for giving employees more incentives to work faster.


3说明如果你是P steelpes办公室的学生辅导员的老师,并且你收到了一封学生申请带薪教育假的信,给他写一份备忘录,回复他,包括他的要求的详细结果,拒绝一些建议的原因,你应该写下P/Steelpes职业规划主题带薪教育假申请日期可能是针对您申请xx年带薪教育假以获得英语文学学位的请求,我不得不通知您,我们不能批准此假期,同时我们感谢您希望提高您的知识,我们认为英国文学不是直接的关于您目前的职位和本组织的目标,我了解到您对文学作品的极大兴趣,我想指出,如果您需要有关上述信息的其他信息,请随时与我联系,请随时联系P Steels。请注意因为你是一家大公司的主管,你是一家大公司的主管,运营总监想采用激励机制来提高生产率写一份备忘录来讨论这个问题如果公司不采用这个系统,我们还能做些什么来提高生产力你应该把这些话写给大卫·格林Tony Party Supervisor的运营总监对Punchin系统的评论这是对您xx月的备忘录的进一步补充,您在备忘录中提议员工采用Punchin系统,我完全同意您的意见,即我们必须提高生产力,因为您的建议是,如果采用Punchin系统,我们将有更严格的但我个人认为,要做到这一点,我们应该给员工更多的激励,让他们更快地工作。我觉得,如果我们的主管能够与您会面,我们可以讨论创造这种激励的不同可能性,您对此建议的考虑将是感谢Tony Party PunchingSystem应该给员工更多的激励,让他们更快地工作。


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