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关于”介绍南美洲“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Introduction to South America。以下是关于介绍南美洲的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to South America

Southeast Brazil is located in South America. The East Pacific is the fifth largest country in the world. It is a country with rapid economic development in South America.

It is the most populous area along the Southeast Atlantic coast of Brazil. The two largest cities in the region are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The inland area is the sparsely populated area in Brazil.

The climate, longitude and latitude are different. In most tropical areas, only Brazil is the most populous The southern region is rich in four subtropical mineral resources. The high-quality Brazilian coffee Sauvignon is known to the world and is one of the largest coffee producing and exporting countries in the world.

Brazil, known as the "coffee kingdom", is divided into states and states. In the federal region, owners' cultural differences are significant. It is a diversified rural carnival, and Samba dance is world-famous in Brazil.




The puma is a large cat and was not taken seriously when London zoo received reports that a wild puma had been found 45 miles south of London. However, as evidence gathered, zoo experts felt it necessary to investigate the descriptions of people who claimed to have seen a puma, which was very similar. The puma hunt began in a small village when a woman picking blackberries saw a "big cat" only five yards away from her.

When she saw it, it immediately ran away. Experts confirmed that the puma would not attack people unless it was cornered. The search proved difficult because Pumas are usually observed in one place in the morning and another 20 miles away in the evening.

Wherever it went, it left a trail of a dead deer, found paw prints of small animals, such as rabbits, and puma fur in bushes. Some people complained that there was a "cat like sound" at night. A businessman saw a puma during a fishing trip.

Experts now fully believe that it is a puma. But where? The puma has not been reported missing in any zoo in China. The puma must have been owned by a private collector.

Somehow, he managed to escape the pursuit and continued For weeks, but the puma was not caught it's disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large.



专家们证实,美洲狮不会攻击人,除非它被逼到墙角。搜索证明很困难,因为美洲狮通常早上在一个地方被观察到,晚上在二十英里外的另一个地方被观察到,无论它去哪里,它留下了一条死鹿的踪迹,在许多地方发现了小动物,比如兔子的爪子印,在灌木丛上发现了美洲狮的皮毛。有人抱怨说,晚上有“猫一样的声音”,一个商人在一次钓鱼旅行中看到了美洲狮,专家们现在完全相信这是美洲狮,但在哪里呢这只美洲狮在国内任何一家动物园都没有失踪的报告,这只美洲狮一定是被一个私人收藏家所拥有,不知怎么设法逃脱了追捕,持续了几个星期,但这只美洲狮没有被抓住 想到一只危险的野生动物仍然逍遥法外,这真是令人不安。


South Asia, South America, known as America, is located in the Western Hemisphere, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the East, bounded by the Panama Canal and North American land, facing Antarctica across the sea in the south, with a total area of square kilometers (including nearby islands, the total land area of the world is about) and there are independent countries in South America with a total population of one million, as well as French Guiana and the Malvinas Islands (Britain and Argentina) In the dispute, the British Falklands are actually controlled by the British coastline. The coastline of South America is several kilometers. The terrain is relatively flat, and there are few Gulf Islands.

The topography of the South American continent can be divided into three north-south trending tandem zones: the western part of the Andes Mountains, the eastern and Southern Hills of the uplift are wavy plateaus, and the central part is the lowland plain stretching for several kilometers of the Andes, which is the longest mountain range in the world With an area of 5 million square kilometers, it is the longest mountain range in Brazil. The largest plateau in the world is the Orinoco plain, Amazon plain and laplata plain in the middle of the world. It is the largest alluvial plain in the world.

Most parts of South America have tropical rain forest and tropical plateau climate. The warm and humid water is divided by the Andes mountains of South America. Most of the rivers in the West are torrents, Most of the rivers flowing into the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean have a long history, many tributaries, rich water sources, and wide valleys.

There is a tributary of the Amazon River that is more than kilometers long.




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