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关于”中的结尾“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Ending in。以下是关于中的结尾的八级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Ending in

The winter vacation is coming to an end. I will go back to school soon. It's interesting.

I want to finish my winter vacation homework, and then I will have a good rest to make sure I am ready to go to school again.




Time flies like an arrow, in a flash, the winter vacation day is about to end, recalling the happy days, I really have the courage to recall the passage of time, in the twinkling of an eye, the winter vacation day is about to end, recalling the happy day, I really have a little courage to finally remember the first day of things, holiday period, I sleep in the morning, finally do not need to adjust the alarm clock, do not need to get up in a hurry, finally can A good sleep, the holiday feeling is really uncomfortable in the early morning, warm sunshine into the window, I stretch a muscle, get up from the bed, sit on the table, I see my mother brought a cup of hot milk and a few pieces of bread, after dinner is really sweet, began my day of happy life, sitting in front of the window, bathed in warm sunshine, listening to beautiful songs, holding Reading a Book leisurely, in this way, one morning after lunch, take a nap, you should learn to sit in front of the desk, full of homework, really headache, so much homework, so we had to slowly to the new year's day, in my infinite hope, finally came closer to the new year's steps, my parents and I went to Tai'an's grandfather's house in winter, the weather was cold After a hard "Trek", the family finally came home. Although there was a fire in the house, I still felt chilly and didn't dare to wander. I was afraid that the heat would come out.

After two days of cold, we finally returned to our "warm" peacetime. We sat around a place suitable for all ages. At the age of 30, we had a happy family reunion dinner.

My mother was so busy I can't go to the night shift, and other people are busy with nothing else. I'm busy making phone calls, sending text messages and paying New Year's greetings to relatives and friends. We finally sat down and watched the unforgettable eve of the Spring Festival Gala.

So we spent it in our laughter. The happy holiday ended again. The last few days of the holiday were free.

I really miss my former school students I think of enriching school life, thinking of students' tears, thinking of amiable teachers, finally arrived at school, Miss also quickly turned into a real day holiday, only days, my heart has a kind of taste to say, a little happy, a little time not to give up, how fast ah, the end of the holiday, learning is about to start.




Dear teacher: This is a special day. We present a bunch of flowers, give a gift to your peach and plum world, compose a song of joy, twinkle your eyes, dispel fatigue, and sing for your lax wrinkles. Thank you, teacher.

Thank you for not making learning a craft, but it has become a kind of happiness. Thank you for letting me Know their value, thank you for helping me find their expertise, but let me do things better. Thank you for being a person I can never believe that will encounter difficulties in their life.

Singing is a blessing: teacher, happy holidays, never satisfied in learning, tireless in teaching, fragrant peach and plum, their music is happy and harmonious, I wish you a holiday Happy not only in today's teacher's day, but also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, too good. I wish you every day, every minute, every second, the surface is always the same smile singing: teacher, you work hard with sweat, nurturing the tender buds of spring, just burst out of the ground, your care is like a warm spring, warm our hearts, let us guard your healthy growth, You have illuminated our hope, enriched our hearts and added our wisdom. Thank you, teacher.

I wish you health and happiness forever,.




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