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关于”我没看“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:I didn't see it。以下是关于我没看的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:I didn't see it

As we all know, we live in a complex world. Although human technology has been developing, we still have many unsolved problems in all these puzzles. UFO is one of the most striking things that we all know.

UFO is what we call the short-term unknown flying object. Once we mention UFO, UFO is an unknown flying object in a short period of time, We always communicate with high technology, aliens, outer space culture and many other exciting things. There are many witnesses around the world who are sure that they happened to see something strange in the sky, but most people can't provide credible evidence.

This is due to the long-term efforts of UFO scientists, and most of the events are eventually recognized In order to be a natural phenomenon or human behavior, some so-called UFOs are just a bird, an airplane, a balloon, or even a plastic bag. Until now, we have not found any clues to the real alien civilization or supernatural phenomenon, but we are willing to see that with the continuous efforts of mankind, we will get more profound knowledge, and we will realize the essence of the world We have faith.




Don't just look at your own advantages and disadvantages, your own shortcomings and advantages are not compared with others. Although we have some shortcomings, it does not mean that you can look down on yourself casually, and compare your shortcomings and advantages with others. Such a person will only be a coward, ignorant person.

In fact, we want to compare our own shortcomings, not others, other people's advantages The comparison of your life really makes you realize your shortcomings. The "bullfrog" in Aesop's fable tells us a truth. This fable tells a story.

A frog sees that the cow and the ox can't compare with the exact proportion of whose, but eventually his stomach will burst. I think this frog is too stupid to compare with the cow. This is not to take advantage of himself In our real life, we don't think that's why we often say that only comparison can identify and a comparison can make progress.

This sentence is good. We can compare with others and better understand ourselves horizontally and vertically, discover our strengths and weaknesses, change ourselves, and better optimize ourselves. However, if this exceeds a certain limit, we can improve ourselves Compared with excellent people in many aspects, the results may not be so optimistic.

Our advantages and disadvantages disappear, and they are gradually magnified. Our confidence is a little bit lost, leaving ourselves with only negative results. Such comparison is what we don't want to see and can't be avoided.

We constantly jump into the trap, if you always compare your own shortcomings and advantages If others are strong, you can only see people: failure people should learn to give themselves some self-confidence and treat themselves correctly. Everyone is in the time of shortcomings and sadness. Don't blindly stare at their most subtle problems, but abandon so many enviable people.

I can learn some advantages from them, but can't compare them blindly.




When I think of the sunrise in my life, I will immediately think of my classmates and friends. I am very ill and I can't go to school. I worry that if I don't go to school, I will miss one class, I can't understand the next class, and I will be surprised and confused about my subject.

I don't have to worry about it. My classmates and teachers come to visit me and help me. They teach me everything today I am very moved to make sure that I can follow shudelu's study and thank them very much for their considerate handling.




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