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关于”最常用的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:The most commonly used sentence。以下是关于最常用的句子的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The most commonly used sentence

1、The manager directed the guy to a bird by the window. "This bird has a vocabulary of 1000 words and another 50 phrases that would fit most occasions." 宠物店的老板指了指橱窗里的那只鹦鹉,说道:“这只鸟掌握了1000个单词和50句最常用的短句。”

2、o'clock Jack has been married for years Do not use any builtin date functions in your computer language(我们常见的句子)

3、These speech act sentences of conventional meanings, literally they are just some words and statements; if based on general rules, the illocutionary force is indeed giving instructions. 最佳答案这些常规性的见解言语行为句子,在字面上只是一些言语和陈诉,但如果按照常规,他们的施为用意确是发出指令。

4、Oral practice:Use six mosts methods to practise oral English. 口语训练:用口语训练六最法练习句子,提高口语。

5、Use box-quotes to emphasize your key points or the most interesting sentences in your post. 在你的帖子中使用方块引号强调关键点或最有趣的句子。

6、Support for constants in ORDER BY clause have been depreciated. 支持ORDER BY子句中使用常量已经过时

7、Finally, note how the single row VALUES clause is used in the RETURN statement to return the end result as a single-row table 最后,注意在 RETURN 语句中使用了单行的 VALUES 子句,以便将最后的结果以单行的表的形式返回。

8、When an exception is thrown, the runtime will begin to look for the nearest catch clause whose filters specify that it can handle the exception. 在引发异常时,运行库将开始查找其筛选器指定它可以处理该异常的最近的 catch 子句。

9、Usually what is wrong is that the construction has become too involved at some point; the sentence needs to be broken apart and replaced by two or more shorter sentences. 当你在一个句子中陷入苦境时,最好重新开始;不要迎难而上,在可能性极低的句法上费神。 通常情况下,错误之处在于从某种程度上来说,句子结构已经变得甚是复杂;要把这样的句子拆开,用两三个短句。

10、To use the trite phrase, each parent represents 50% of the child's gene pool. 用平常的一句话来讲,每位父母都代表了孩子50%的基因库。

11、People often use the phrase "like father, like son" to refer to family resemblance. “有其父,必有其子”,人们常用这句话来比喻一家人的相似性。

12、They always said that what Halberstam needed was a good editor, his sentences ran on and on, he piled phrase upon phrase and clause upon clause, he used commas the way other men used periods. 大家经常认为哈伯斯塔姆需要一个好编辑,他的句子越来越长,堆彻短语,套用各种从句,其它人用句号的时候他却用逗号。

13、The last thing is use the important sentences to talk to your friends. 最后就是用在课文中的重要句子来跟你的朋友对话。

14、Don't use the diffident words and sentences. 不要常用缺乏自信的词句。

15、Refrain is often used in a poem. 叠句常用于诗歌中。

16、The statement is thinking most general form, is also the most widely used a sentence. For example. 陈述句是思维的最一般的表现形式,也是运用最广泛的一种句子。例如。

17、English is the maximum widely spoken language in the globle, but Chinese get the hugest bulk of talkers. 英语是世纪上实际运用最广泛的句子语言,但汉语拥有最多的实际运用大家。

18、The partitioning key should be made up of columns that often participate in a GROUP BY clause. 分区键应该由常用于 GROUP BY 子句的列组成。

19、Thank you again for everything you've done. 这句句子可以用在结尾,但和上述的有所不同。

20、There is somebody waiting for you. 某人,有人,常用于肯定句中。

21、The Attributive Clause is one of the clauses that are used the most widely in English. 定语从句是英语学习中见得最多、用得最广的从句之一。

22、These sentences express the general method of using of in common use phrase, the editors still notice an in common use phrase not and usually method of using in the meantime. 这些句子表明常用词的一般用法,同时编者们还注意常用词的不寻常用法。

23、The technique of reversing, or inverting the normal word order of a sentence. 倒装句:一种将句子正常的表达方法倒置的技巧。

24、Verb is always the predicative in the sentence. 动词,在句子中经常充当谓语。

25、One of my favourite lines is that "normal is boring". 用我最喜欢的一句话来形容,“正常是最没趣的”。


26、" may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language. 这句话在你的英语小册子里可能没有,但它却是英国语言中非常有用的一句话。

27、When I do a radio or TV piece, I often write the last sentence first. 我做广播电视节目的时候,常常先把最后一句话写好。

28、Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage? 下列哪个句子最好地表达了文中用阴影标识的句子的基本信息?

29、The next point I’d like to talk about is „ 采访前的常用句型

30、Thank you again for everything you'e done。 这句句子可以用在结尾,和以上有所不同。

31、A sentence usually contains a subject and a verb. 句子通常包括主词和动词。

32、In the example, this is represented by the outermost select statement, which uses S1 as a subquery. 在这个示例中,这由最外层的选择语句表示,这个语句将 S1 用作子查询。

33、These adjectives are usually used as the predicative in a sentence. 这类形容词通常用在句子中作表语。

34、The whole thing's structurally fine." 句子结构非常完整"

35、You've probably used these words in sentences lots of times - but Emily isn't using them in sentences - she's using the words to show that she's ready to stop talking about her holiday… Listen again. 也许大家在句子中经常用到这些词,但是Emily并没有把它们用在完整的句子中,这就暗示着她有意结束(关于度假的)聊天。

36、In fact, "now your enemy, know yourself" is probably the most well-known phrase in Sun Tzu's Art of War. It is also the most cited phrase. 知己知彼”很可能是《孙子兵法》中最脍炙人口的一句话,也最常被引用。

37、Chapter Four is on the sentential devices in the rhetoric of legal English. 本章述及诸多关涉法律英语句子结构的最常见手法。

38、The "I'm ~ing" pattern is very useful I'm ~ing”句型非常有用。

39、Below are common expressions used in asking or telling the way. Listen to the recording and then read the sentences aloud. Pay attention to each one's connected speech. 以下是从本课对话中挑选出来的在表达问路时的常用口语句子,请跟读录音,并注意每个句子中的连读发音。

40、Thank you again for everything you've done. 这句句子可以用在结尾,和以上有所不同。

41、Of course the most common use of the "I want to" pattern is when you express your desire for something. 当然,“I want to”句型最常见的用法是用来表达你对某事的愿望。

42、The most common cause is that the function contains a complex expression of user-defined class variables and arithmetic operators. 最常见的子句是包含用户定义的类变量和算术运算符的复杂表达式的函数。

43、They also listened to sentences about everyday activities, such as ringing doorbells and pushing brooms across the floor. 他们都听过如摁门铃,扫地等一些日常最基本的词汇和句子。

44、Choose the best response. 读句子,选择最佳的答语。

45、F2 Below are some common wh-questions. Listen to the recording ad then read the sentences aloud. Pay attention to their falling tones. 以下是经常用到的特殊疑问句,请跟读录音,并注意每个句子的降调。

46、You do not normally use two negative words in the same clause. 同一个句子中通常不用两个否定词。

47、You go and tell him not to do that. 祈使句最常用于表达命令,因此也常称为命令句。

48、A sentence of two or more coordinate independent clauses, often joined by a conjunction or conjunctions, as The problem was difficult, but I finally found the answer. 包括两个或多个并列句的句子,通常是由一个或几个连词连接,例如虽然问题非常难,但我最终还是找到了答案。

49、This is an electrical method which is most promising when the water is brackish. 这是一种电学方法,它最有希望用于略含盐分的水。(并列句子)

50、English garden-path sentences have received concerns of researchers for several decades. 花园路径句在最近几xx年受到句子加工领域的研究者们的关注。


51、Educators engaged in foreign language instruction might effectively focus their initial efforts on the most probable sentence constructions. 外语指导教师也许能在一开始就专注于教授最常用的句子结构。

52、A long story can sometimes be condensed into a few sentences. 一个长篇故事常常可以缩写成几个句子。

53、This is probably what you've used most in the past. 这可能是你过去最常用的一种句型了。

54、To my most happily, she learned how to use software to cut the sentences. 最让我高兴的是,她学会了如何利用软件来切割句子。

55、All his attempts to change his profile among the public turned out to be futile. What the teacher of Composition Course consider chiles are quite attractive to students anyway.(用主语从句再加上最后的anyway这个词,使句子既简洁,又地道,且把转折的成分巧妙地处理在了从句的意思里)

56、He used the longest words and, getting entangled in his own verbosity, was obliged to leave his sentence unfinished. 他使用最冗长的词句,罗罗嗦嗦地纠缠不清,动不动就丢下一个没完成的句子。

57、I have written the phrase I use to express Bodhicitta in calligraphy; it is attached. 我已手书了我通常用以表达菩提心的句子,档案附呈。

58、My life has no rehearsal, everyday is a live brodcast. 这个句子比较常见的版本是

59、Consider the paragraph in p. 30. Try to use "always, usually, often, sometimes, never" in your sentences and complete a paragraph about your life. 参考课本第30页,试著在你的句子中使用「总是、通常、时常、有时候、从不」等频率副词在句子中,然后完成类似的短文。

60、There are many people who like to go to the movies. There are different kinds of vegetables that people can buy on the market. 这两个例句的错误比较有普遍性,因为在历次考试中有不少考生不能正确运用there be这一最常用的句式。

61、“Be yourself, ” is another piece of frequently-cited wisdom that has become essentially meaningless. “做自己”,是另外一句常常被引用但却已经失去了其真正意义的名句。

62、When the one thing needed to complete all work together to spend another one often made by children: "Oh Hi Asako play, all the Story." 当一件事需要众人同心合力去完成时,就常常用上另一句言子:“麻子打呵嗨,全体总动员”。

63、Since the scientific writing has a great deal information, it usually apply the inversion to balance the information status. 科技英语具有信息量大的特点,在科技英语中,为了使信息突出,常使用倒装句以达到句子平衡。

64、Notice the topic sentence is usually the first or the last sentence of a paragraph . 注意主题句经常是一个自然段的第一句或最后一句。

65、Why offer a succinct bullet point when you can say the same thing in six flowery sentences? 可以用六句华丽的句子来叙述的一件事情为什么要用一句简洁的重点句来代替呢?

66、Finally, by inducing sentence constituents, the syntactic structures are learned. 最后,通过逐步归约句子成分,推导出汉语句法结构树。


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