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关于”新年的诗歌“的英语句子3个,句子主体:New year's Poetry。以下是关于新年的诗歌的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:New year's Poetry

1、The profuseness of the contents of Du Fu's poetry provides for us infinite possibilities. New theories present a new channel for us to interpret Du Fu's poetry. 杜甫的诗歌内容的丰富性,为我们阐释他的诗歌提供了无限的可能性,而新的理论又为我们阐释杜甫诗提供了新的路径。

2、Neo-classical poetry creators of classical poetry from the Arts draw nutrients for modern poetry, embodied in the form of poetry, rhythm, technique and so on. 新古典主义诗歌的创作者们从古典诗艺中为现代诗汲取养分,具体体现在诗歌的形式、节奏韵律、技法等方面。

3、While the rule of poetry itself development was a potential influence on Fengzhi's poetry creation, which promote him to realize the aesthetic innovation of the poem. 诗歌自身的发展规律也潜在地左右着冯至的诗歌创作,并促发他实现诗歌的审美创新。

4、It is normal to put new words in old poem in the history of China poetry. 在中国诗歌史上,以新词入诗之举,古已有之。

5、His poetry collection The Love Song for Mountains was awarded The First National Outstanding New Poetry Prize. 其中诗集《山的恋歌》获第一届全国优秀新诗奖。

6、He spends most of his late years in writing Chinese poem history of Singapore. 晚年则着重选写新加坡华文诗歌史料。

7、Their poems play a key role in Chinese poem history with the characteristics of innovation and creation. 他们的诗歌极富变革性、创新性,在中国诗歌史上占据着重要地位。

8、The New Oxford Book of Children's Verse, Edited by Neil Philip, published by Oxford University Press, 1996. 选自《新牛津儿童诗歌集》,牛津大学出版社xx年出版,尼尔-菲利浦编辑。

9、She was a co-founding editor of Poetry London and its Poetry Editor from1989 to 2005. 她是《诗歌伦敦》的共同创办编辑并于1989至xx年间担任其诗歌编辑。

10、The singer pontificated some new poems at the concert. 在音乐会上,歌唱家朗诵了一些新诗。

11、New and reprints of poetry and prose . 新的和重印的诗歌和散文。

12、After 1983, the discussion ended mainly and the research changed from her hazy poems into a new stage on the basis of comprehension . xx年后,讨论基本结束,对舒婷诗歌的研究渐渐剥离出朦胧诗,在解读的基础上进入新的阶段。

13、When poets lament literature's death, poetry's marginalization, privatization and mediocrity, Internet poetry shows a centurial regeneration. 当诗人们哀叹文学死亡,诗歌的边缘化、私人化与平庸化时,网络诗歌却呈现出诗歌的世纪复兴。

14、But for long time, high school verse teaching than neglect the verse this kind of most the chemical element of the essence? 但长期以来,中学诗歌教学较忽略诗歌这种最精华的元素——诗歌语言的赏析,尤其对最具诗味的特殊性诗歌句式的关注更少。

15、First published in Poems 1916. 初次刊于xx年的《诗歌》。

16、May 4th period (1917-1927) was the initial stage of Chinese new literature including Chinese new verse. It is in this period that Chinese poetry had undergone a thorough change. 五四时期(1917-xx年)是包括新诗在内的中国新文学草创时期,更是中国诗歌脱胎换骨的时期。

17、The different point of view pose the foundation to the theory of symbolism poetry in the history of Chinese literature, and it is applied in the Chinese modem poetry. 他的这一诗学理论成为新文学象征主义诗歌的理论基石,在现代诗歌中也有突出的体现和运用。

18、His early poetry style, has inherited Bai Juyi's, and formed the simplicity poetic style. 早期的诗歌风格,较多继承了白居易诗歌浅易晓畅的一面,形成了清新平易的诗风。

19、From genealogical perspective, this article investigates the recent change of 1990s Chinese neo-poetry. 本文从谱系学的角度考察了xx年代诗歌的新变。

20、In this article, the author studies Pufeng's contribution to China's modern poetry from two aspects, which are poem writing and new poem campaign. 蒲风对于中国现代诗歌史的贡献,表现在诗歌创作和新诗歌运动两个方面。

21、He co-founded the "people-run" journals of Poetry Research, Poetry Mirror, and Poetry Archives in the 1990s. xx年代参与创办《诗研究》、《诗镜》、《诗歌档案》等民刊。

22、Throughout the year they have festivals of song and dance and poetry called Eisteddfodau . xx年中他们有称之为“艺术年会”的唱歌、跳舞、诗歌节。

23、After years using, the cover of our church's Hymnal were broken and need to be replaced. 教会的诗歌本使用多年,封面多有破损,需待更新。

24、Though his only collection of poems Floating Clouds, belong to the modern, they grow from the same root of the Chinese ancient poetry. 其唯一诗集《流云》,虽是新体诗,却同中国古典诗歌一系根须。

25、Shenyue's poetic theory was a milestone in the development of the new style of poetry. 沈约的诗歌理论为新体诗的发展指明了方向。


26、Artistry of poem; 诗歌艺术; 宫廷诗;

27、The writings in his late years and the concept of "new-styled poem", i. e. the "assorted ballads" have also shown the influence of the "enthusiasm for folk songs". 他晚年的创作及其对“新体诗”(“杂歌谣”)的构想,也鲜明地受“民歌情结”的制约。

28、Of the Hubei Poetry, from a new era, the realistic verse and the rustic verse have made rapid progress, the pioneer verse has risen suddenly and the network verse creation has been in the ascendant. 新时期以来,湖北诗歌中的现实主义诗歌与乡土诗歌得到了长足的发展,先锋诗歌异军突起,网络诗歌方兴未艾。

29、Study of Classical Poetry, written by Professor Li Wei, has attained a new discovery of poetic art and opened a new approach to its study from the viewpoint of philosophy and a new angle. 李娓教授的《古体诗歌艺术研究》以诗情道性阐说的方式达到了诗歌艺术本原的新发现,从哲学的高度和新的角度开辟了古典诗歌研究的新途径。

30、But Whitmanunceasingly increases the new content, when he passed away to 1892, already received the nearly 400 poetries. 但惠特曼不断增加新内容,到 xx年他逝世时,已经收入近400首诗歌。

31、D'y'hear my latest poem Goldbook? 高保你有否听过我那新作的诗歌?

32、He has won the Liu Li'an Poetry Award, Rougang Poetry Award, Tomorrow- Erguna Poetry Award and an award for the top ten new poets. 他历获“刘丽安诗歌奖”,“柔刚诗歌奖”,“明天—额尔古纳诗歌双年奖”和十大新诗人奖。

33、I've taken a few poems from that old Sixties book and joined them with new ones for this collection. 在这本集子里,我从xx年代的旧书中选取了一部分诗歌,又添加了一些新诗。

34、Poetic truth, on the other hand, involves the use of the imagination and intuition, a form of truth that according to the New Critics is discernible only in poetry. 但是诗歌的真理涉及到想象和直觉,根据新批评家的观点,诗歌这种真理形式只有在诗歌里才能鉴别出来。

35、Chinese classical poetry; Japanese Haiku; the Imagist Poetry Movement; Chinese New Poetry Movement; Translation; Reformation; Cultural Communication; 中国古典诗歌; 日本俳句; 意象主义诗歌; 白话诗; 翻译; 革新; 文化交流;

36、Wang Xiaoni s the road toward poetry is in the 1980s of 20th century. 诗人王小妮走向诗歌之路是在二十世纪xx年代。

37、Throughout the year they have festivals of song and dance and poetry called Eisteddfodau. xx年中有称之为“艺术年会”的唱歌、跳舞、诗歌节。

38、His New and Selected Poems was published by Houghton Mifflin and won the 2005 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. 他的《新诗及诗选》由霍汤-密夫林出版社出版并获xx年金斯莱-塔夫特诗歌奖。

39、Translation of and Comments on J. H. Prynne's Poetry, Xinxin: Theory of Poetry (The 2nd Issue of the Month), 2008(7). 《蒲龄恩诗歌翻译以及简评》,《诗歌理论下半月刊》,xx年xx月,第7期。

40、Some of her poetry translations have appeared in New Poetry Appreciation (the 1st issue, Yunnan University Press 2008). 部分诗歌翻译发表于《新诗品》(第一卷)(云南大学出版社xx年xx月版)。

41、Psalm 98 ¨C Sing unto the Lord a new song; 圣诗98 –为统治者唱的一首新歌;

42、Cao Pi, Cao Cao's son, wrote poems in learning from folk songs and put great emphasis on art character. 曹丕诗歌既有向民歌学习的一面,同时也注重辞采,其诗歌在形式创新方面的意义要大于内容创新意义;

43、Childhood is a poem, childhood is a song, a childhood dream. 童年是一首诗,童年是一支歌,童年是一个梦。

44、The expositions on such issues as the idealism and effectiveness of verse, the source of verse writing, etc. are cardinal components of Yu Pingbo's views on new verse. 对诗歌理想、诗歌效用、诗歌创作源泉等问题的阐述是俞平伯新诗观的基本内容。

45、The study of XinYue poetic group and the tide of realistic poetry is the field in which scholars have gained better achievements. 对新月诗派和现实主义诗歌潮流的研究,也是近年来取得较为突出成绩的领域。

46、In the historical narration of contemporary poetry, the most important parts would be Menglong poetry, the Third Generation poetry and the poetry of 1990s. 在当代诗歌的历史叙述中,“朦胧诗”、“第三代”与“xx年代诗歌”构成了八、xx年代诗歌的中心环节,关于它们的争论也是诗歌批评的最重要部分。

47、Poetic imago is the esthetic concept of appreciating poems , and is the support of poetic conception , affection and style . 诗歌意象是鉴赏诗歌的审美概念,也是诗歌意境、情思、风格的依托。

48、Compared with traditional poetry, Akhmatova's work has breaking innovation at the poetry rhythm and approaches. 阿赫玛托娃的诗歌与传统诗歌相比,在诗歌艺术手法与节奏方面都做出了大胆的创新。

49、He has published books of poetry including Starve Poets to Death (1994), Song of a Love Child (1999), At Last I Understand Your Refusal and The Forgotten Classical Poems (chief editor, 2004). 出版的诗集有《饿死诗人》(xx年)、《野种之歌》(xx年)、《我终于理解了你的拒绝》等。二零零xx年主编《被遗忘的经典诗歌》。

50、She is a member of the Vineyard Poetry Quarterly, New Poetry Association and Poetic Art Association. 现为葡萄园诗社同仁,新诗学会、诗歌艺术学会会员。


51、Song Qi's poems, not only inherit the Kun-style, but also enormously develop the Kun-style, in the certain, it has opened up the style of Jiangxi. 宋祁诗歌,不仅体现出对西昆诗风的学习和继承,而且还极大地发展了西昆诗风,其在诗歌技巧上的追求,一定程度上开启了江西诗风的新声。

52、Mr. Xinmin Wang paid attention to the self-building of poetry theory in writing. The "character" and "soul" is the core content of his poetry theory. 王新民在写诗的同时,注意自身的诗歌理论建设,他提出的“风骨”和“灵魂”是他诗歌理论的核心内容。

53、Since the complete edition of her poems was published in 1955, Emily Dickinson and her poetry attracted more and more attention from the common readers as well as the literary critics. 自从xx年她的诗歌全集出版以来,狄金森和她的诗歌越来越受到普通读者和诗歌评论家的关注。

54、From 1949 to 1978, the language of poetry was normalized estranging force and thus its poetic and aesthetic features vanished. 从xx年到xx年的诗歌写作基本上处于他者化力量的规范之下,诗歌语言消解了诗性和审美性。

55、Ei Bai. An Outline of World Poetry. Guilin: Lijiang Publishing House, 1989. 飞白:《诗海——世界诗歌史纲》。桂林:漓江出版社,xx年。

56、Fei Bai. An Outline of World Poetry. Guilin: Lijiang Publishing House, 1989. 飞白:《诗海——世界诗歌史纲》。桂林:漓江出版社,xx年。

57、In more than 60 years of his career as an artist, He Jingzhi created a large number of new opera (including Yangko opera), new poetry, "new ancient poetry" and songs. 在六十余年的文艺生涯中,贺敬之创作了大量的新歌剧(包括秧歌剧)、新诗、“新古体诗词”、歌词。

58、Poetry Year-Selection, as the annual screening of Chinese New Poetry, has become a unique landscape with the way it published in the history of Chinese poetry. 诗歌年选,作为对中国新诗一种年度性的筛选审视,这种作品出版模式在中国诗歌史上已经成为一道独特的景观。

59、The poetry written by ambassador to North of the two Songs, is a new poetry theme which produced under a particular history background in poetry history of ancient China. 两宋使北诗是中国古代诗歌史上,在特定的历史背景下应运而生的新的诗歌题材。

60、It could be said that the "cainozoic poetry" was a symbol of vigorous development of Chinese new poetry amidst difficulties and a symbol of general breakthrough and maturity of modern Chinese poetry. 可以说,“新生代”诗歌是中国新诗在艰难曲折中深入发展的标志,是中国现代主义诗歌总体上实现突破和走向成熟的标志。

61、"Jiuye" is a highly conscious modernism poetic school in the history of Chinese new poetry. “九叶”诗派是中国新诗发展史上一个高度自觉的现代主义诗歌流派。

62、From the angle of song poem art, we may also make a new research about other archaic song poems of China. 而相和歌辞理解的歌诗艺术视野,也启示我们对中国古代的其他歌诗艺术进行新的思考和研究。

63、Imagist poetry exists in both American and Chinese history of literature. 意象诗是美中两国诗歌史上一个十分相近的诗歌现象。

64、He greatly renovates English modern poems not only in techniques but also in consciousness, and uncovers a new page in English poetic history. 他不但在技巧上,而且在意识上极大地革新了英国现代诗歌,掀开了英国诗歌史上崭新的一页。

65、Pound put forward new poetic principles, among which "Image" is the aesthetic core. 庞德发起诗歌改革并提出了新的诗歌创作原则,其美学核心是意象。

66、Aldington's poems were in the November issue of Poetry and HD's in January 1913 and Imagism as a movement was launched. 奥尔丁顿诗歌是在xx月的诗歌和HD的在xx年xx月和意象作为运动已经展开。

67、Zhuxiang who emphasized "returning to the ancients " in poetry writing strategies, has integrated resources of traditional and west poetries. 在诗歌的写作策略上,朱湘着重的是“复古”趋向选择,对传统诗歌和西方诗歌进行了资源的整合与创新。

68、He won the annual award of poetry 2003 and Top 10 excellent poets. 获“2003•中国年度诗歌奖”、 “中国当代十大新锐诗人”等奖项。

69、The poetry should express a poets real feelings, and his contribution to new poetry theory in his early phase is his poetic "aristocratic" theory and Sino-western integration theory. 诗歌要表达诗人的真实的情思,诗歌的“贵族化”理论和中西融合的诗歌发展之路,都是早期他对新诗理论的重要贡献。

70、Since 1919 when he began to create the first modern Chinese poem "Mei Yu", he has created nearly 1,000 poems in his whole life, including old style poems, modern Chinese poetry, lyrics and so on. 自xx年创作第一首新诗《梅雨》开始,田汉一生写作的旧体诗词、新诗、歌词共计有将近一千首,诗人田汉的称号确实是名至实归。


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