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关于”旅游的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Travel sentences。以下是关于旅游的句子的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Travel sentences

1、When a tourist fixes on an international tourism, the perception factors of tourism destinations are higher than those in tourism-generating countries. 当旅游者确定国际旅游后,旅游目的地感知因素对旅游者决策行为影响高于客源国环境感知因素。

2、Several tour companies provide walking tours of Dharavi. 几个旅游公司提供步行达拉维的旅游。

3、When traveling, I prefer package tour. 出门旅游我比较喜欢跟旅行团。

4、Do you have any sightseeing bus tours? (你们有什么旅游车的旅行团吗?

5、Youth travellers in Krasnoiarskii Krai – Children with bicycles in Saratov – The first republic conference of Youth travellers in Tallin. 青年旅行者---萨拉托夫,孩子们和自行车----塔林,第一届青年旅游大会

6、Global Tourism Spend Analytics to 2020: Accommodation, Entertainment and Sightseeing, Foodservice, Retail, Transportation, Travel Intermediation, Others. 全球旅游支出预测:住宿设施,娱乐、旅游,食品服务,零售,交通,旅行社等。

7、Based on the anatomy of the actuality of eco-agricultural tourism development, the author has demonstrated the feasibility and necessity of the development. 剖析凤垭山生态农业旅游区旅游开发的近况后,对凤垭山生态农业旅游区旅游开发的可行性与必要性进行了论证。

8、This tour company has discount price on package holidays. 这家旅游公司对包价旅行团有一定的折扣。

9、Tourism is a direct-face consumer industry. Tourism information go through the entire process of travel activities, it is the key for enterprises to survive and develop. 旅游业是一个直接面对消费者的行业,信息贯穿了旅游活动的全过程,是决定旅游企业生存发展的关键所在。

10、Along with the development of Chinese Tourism, the positive effect of E-Commerce in the industrial value chain of it is more and more conspicuous. 伴随着中国旅游业的发展,旅游电子商务在旅游产业价值链条中的积极作用日益凸显。

11、Roots Travel by Tour - Tour the main motive for the trip into a travel type. 寻根旅游是按旅游主体的出游动机划分的一种旅游类型。

12、Traveling in Ming Dynasty was so prevailing that there appeared many famous travelers and traveling writers. 明代旅游风气盛行,出现了很多著名的旅游家和旅游文学家。

13、Industrial eco-tourism is an organically combined tourism with industrial resources and ecological tourism. 产业生态旅游是指产业资源和生态旅游进行有机结合的一种旅游方式。

14、Touristic resources is a comprehensive technology of translating resources into products. The result of tourism development largely depends on the exploitation of touristic resources. 旅游资源开发是一项将资源转化产品的综合技术,旅游业发展的绩效在很大程度上取决于旅游资源开发的成败。

15、True Trip - directory of travelogues , travel tips and classifieds, and destination information. 真实的旅行-关于旅行见闻讲座、旅游指导、分类和目的地信息的目录。

16、Your online travel agency with destinations all around the world - Book hotels, buy airline tickets, travel packages, cruise holidays, or hire a car with … 提供团体旅游、机票、航空自由行、环游世界、旅馆、票券、国内旅游旅游资讯,包括旅行团、机票、订房、邮轮、旅行社联络等最详细完善资料。

17、Ancient village tourism is a special kind of rural and cultural eco-tourism activity. 古村落旅游是一种特殊的乡村旅游、文化生态旅游。

18、Why not take a pleasure trip to some tourist resorts? 为什么不去些旅游点作愉快的旅行?。

19、The present focus is on recreational travel, the "layman's" concept of tourism. 现在的重点是休闲式的旅游,也就是外行人眼中的旅游。

20、Ecological chain in this context is composed of four elements of tourism: subject, object, media (in broad sense) and environment. 旅游生态链是由旅游主体、旅游客体、旅游媒体(广义)和环境四要素组成。

21、Agri-tourism is the important form of tourism and the important approach to solve the problem of "agriculture, village, farmer". 农业旅游是旅游的重要形式,是农村解决“三农”问题的重要途径。

22、"Restarting the tourism industry" in Yunnan Province necessitates a notion of large tourism in planning the prospective development and in exploiting profoundly the tourism resources in this area. 云南旅游的“二次创业”要求用大旅游的观念谋划旅游业的发展,对旅游资源进行深度开发。

23、With this MakeMyTrip becomes the first travel company to offer complete travel solutions. MakeMyTrip因此成为提供完整的旅游解决方案的首家旅游公司。

24、Demographical features of tourist flows are the basic content in the research of tourism geography. The behavior of tourist is one of the most important research fields of tourism geography. 旅游客流的人口学特征是旅游地理学研究的基础工作,旅游者行为是旅游地理学研究的重要内容。

25、Travel With the Internet, to address the adaptation of traditional tourism can not solve the visitors, and eating, housing, travel, play, integration needs; 旅游借助互联网,能够解决传统旅游业不能解决的适应游客 行、吃、住、游、玩,一体化的需求;


26、The new "tourist ticket" has been designed to act as a travel card for those visiting Athens for short stays. 新旅游通票的设计理念是作为旅游卡,为短期在雅典旅行停留的游客服务。

27、Are you a tourist, or a traveller? 你是一个旅游者,还是一个旅行者?

28、Travel is a service industry, tourism is also a network of service industries. 旅行社是服务行业,旅游网也是服务行业。

29、The scope of business for international tourist agencies shall include entry tourist services, exit tourist services and domestic tourist services. 国际旅行社的经营范围包括入境旅游业务、出境旅游业务、国内旅游业务。

30、At present, CITS mainly undertakes group tours as well as individual and family tours. 目前,中国国际旅行社主要从事团体旅游业务及个人和家庭旅游业务。

31、Tourism agency, tourists' transportation and accommodation are the three main contributions to the modern tourism industry, among which the fist plays a vital role. 旅行社业、旅游交通业与旅游住宿业被公认为现代旅游业的三大支柱,而且旅行社业又是旅游业的龙头产业。

32、Tourism is a pre-consumer product. Tourism rely on the spread of brand image to tourists and potential tourists, resulting in the cognitive, motives, and ultimate realization of planned trips. 旅游是一种预消费产品,决定了旅游产品要靠形象的传播,使其为潜在旅游者所认知,从而产生旅游动机,并最终实现出游计划。

33、Recent years, we have carried on the following new routes: wild tour, random tour, incentive tour, "Tour station", "China century", Red Army tour, Old men tour. 近年来,本公司先后推出了生态游、自助游、奖励旅游、“旅游车站”、百年中国之旅、红色之旅和老年人之旅等30多条旅游新线路、新产品。

34、As the essential medium, the travel agency is the bridge between the tourists and tourism-related sectors. 旅行社作为沟通旅游者和旅游相关部门的桥梁、纽带,是旅游活动必不可少的媒介。

35、Recently, a 37 member delegation of the Association of Thai Travel Agents arrived in Zhuhai for an insight into Zhuhai's tourist projects and resources. 泰国旅游协会一行37 人近日来到珠海, 考察我市旅游资源和旅游项目。

36、My name is Anil , a traveler and travel enthusiast. 我的名字是阿尼尔,旅行者和旅游爱好者。

37、The rational tourism consumption, new tourism concept and psychological factors of tourists are the reasons for "tour elusion". 旅游者旅游消费的理性化、旅游理念更新以及心理因素等是产生“旅游规避”的原因。

38、The design of tour route include tour route designed by tourism planning specialist, tour road design in the detailed planning and tour route designed by specialist in travel agency. 旅游线路设计包括旅游规划专家在旅游规划中所设计的旅游线路、景区景点详细规划里的游道设计和旅行社负责人设计的旅游线路。

39、Package travel contract refers to business people and tourists travel between the tourism business to provide comprehensive tourist services, tourists pay the price of the agreement. 包价旅游合同是指旅游营业人与旅游者之间达成的,旅游营业人提供综合性旅游服务,旅游者支付价金的协议。

40、Travel deep into the Guyanese rain forest by canoe, as part of a trip with Wilderness Explorers. 随着荒野探险旅行社,乘独木舟旅游深入到圭亚那的热带雨林作为旅游的一部分。

41、At The Journey West we believe in the spirit of travel. 西游旅行社坚信旅行的精神。

42、The development of TIO does great influence of and determines the market structure of tourism industry. 旅游产业组织的发展深刻的影响着,并在一定程度上决定着旅游产业结构。

43、I also want to be a ecotourist, in global travel. 我也想成为一个旅游家,在全球旅行。

44、Service Language in tourism is a medium and a tool as well for expression of wishes, communication and problem-solving between the tourism workers and tourists. 旅游服务语言是旅游工作者与旅游者之间为了表达愿望、交流感情、进行交往和解决各种问题而使用的一种媒介和工具。

45、Tourism market in South of the Yangtze River has still had huge space to develop. especially vocation tour, ecological tour, exhibition tour and other special tour. 江南的旅游市场,依然有极大的发展空间。特别是跟进国际旅游潮流而来的度假旅游、生态旅游、会展旅游和其它特种旅游。

46、There is also a cooperation arrangement between the TIC and CC whereby CC will refer complaints against travel agents for handling by the TIC. 根据消委会与旅游业议会的合作安排,涉及旅游业议会会员 旅行社的消费者投诉,将转交由旅游业议会处理。

47、Each entry tourism development area of advantages for tourist attractions, travel shopping and city image, Disadvantage factors for travel service and transportation. 川渝区发展入境旅游的优势因素为旅游景点、旅游购物和城市形象;劣势因素为旅行社服务和交通不便。

48、There are many tours and outfitters offering great trips for parents and kids. 很多旅行社和旅游用品商为父母和孩子们提供大的旅游团。

49、The blue tourism economy includes marine tourism, island tourism, coastal tourism, and coastal-land tourism related to marine culture. 蓝色旅游经济应该包括海洋旅游、海岛旅游、滨海旅游,以及与海洋文化有关的临海陆上旅游。

50、China Travel Packages Beijing bus tour is one of our best china tour packages. The…China Silk Road Tour is a classic China tour, In this tour, …A Tibet Tour will be… 中国旅游第一门户,中国旅游公众信息网,中国旅游活动、中国旅游优惠、中国景区景点、中国旅游线路、出境游、中国旅游攻略游记、中国自驾游、自助旅,机票,车票,酒店预…


51、It consists of innovations in tourism subject culture, tourism object culture and tourism media culture. 旅游文化创新包括旅游主体文化创新、旅游客体文化创新和旅游介体文化创新。

52、The ITP seeks to provide the hotel, travel and tourism industry with the knowledge to develop practical solutions to climate change problems. 国际旅游业伙伴关系努力为旅馆、旅行和旅游业提供知识,帮助制定可行的气候变化问题解决办法。

53、She took out a travel brochure and continued, "Last year I budgeted for all my expenses in the year and I decided to travel. 她拿出一本旅游的小册子接着说:"去年我预算了全年的开支,然后决定去旅游。

54、But agency business is lagging out of tune with the fast pace of tourism industry and its market. 但是,随着旅游业的快速发展,旅游市场环境的变化,旅行社业成为旅游产业的“鸡肋”。

55、Tour groups are canceling long-planned trips. 旅游团队取消了长期计划的旅行。

56、In this case, internal travel, is it grow vigorously to travel abroad, form travel abroad, inbound tour, situation that internal travel stand like the legs of a tripod. 在这种情况下,国内旅游、出境旅游蓬勃发展,构成了出境旅游、入境旅游、国内旅游三足鼎立的局面。

57、Zero fee tour package is a kind of abnormal traveling group reception pattern, but it is prevailing in Hainan at present. 零团费旅游是一种非正常的旅游接待模式,目前在海南团队旅游中很流行。

58、It illustrates mainly from the following aspects: disembarking tourism effect, domestic tourism effect, area distribution of tourism effect and tourism effect intensity of the Olympic Games. 分别就奥运会入境旅游效应、奥运会国内旅游效应、奥运会旅游效应的区域分布、奥运会旅游效应强度进行评析,认为奥运会的旅游效应并没有明显的规律性。

59、) Do you have any sightseeing bus tours? (你们有什么旅游车的旅行团吗?

60、At present, main direction of developing tourism is ecological and leisured tourism. 当前旅游发展的主要方向是生态旅游和休闲旅游。

61、) do you have any sightseeing bus tours? (你们有什么旅游车的旅行团吗?

62、I still want to be a tour house, at world trip. 我还想当一名旅游家, 在全球旅行。

63、Research on tourist land evaluation is an important basic work when tourist planning and tourist development policy are made. 开展旅游用地的评价研究,是进行旅游开发宏观决策,制定旅游区规划的重要基础性工作。


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