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关于”低碳生活的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentences of low carbon life。以下是关于低碳生活的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences of low carbon life

1、So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life. 所以现在我们提倡过低碳的生活。

2、Have the idea to have action. So, I and my parents began a low carbon life. 有想法就要有行动。于是,我和我的父母开始了一段低碳生活。

3、The LED technology and the induction technology's perfect union, lets the energy conservation reduce the row of low-carbon life to become the fashion the habits and customs. LED技术与感应技术的完美结合,让节能减排低碳生活成为时尚的生活习惯。

4、With the convening of the Copenhagen climate change, more and more people recognize the importance of low-carbon life. 随着哥本哈根气候变化的召开,越来越多的人认识到了低碳生活的重要性。

5、Both the low-carbon entity industry and low-carbon virtual industry are two forms of low-carbon technology service industry. 低碳科技服务产业分为低碳实体产业和低碳虚拟产业两类。

6、Low-carbon life means a kind of lifestyle in which people do their best to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 低碳生活意味着一种人们尽其所能减少能源消耗和二氧化碳排放的生活方式。

7、The low-carbon life is closely linked with our life, and the university library's low-carbon movement is also imperative. 低碳生活与我们的生活息息相关,高校图书馆的低碳运行也势在必行。

8、In a word, if we live a low-carbon life from now on, we will have a better environment and more resources left for our descendants. 总之,如果我们现在开始低碳生活,我们将会拥有跟美好的环境,还为我们的子孙后代节约资源。

9、It sets out three scenarios of low-carbon development: energy-saving, low-carbon and enhanced low-carbon. 它提出了三个低碳发展的情景:节能、低碳和强化低碳。

10、It is of vital importance for the whole world to practice the low-carbon lifestyle. 这是整个世界的实践低碳生活方式至关重要。

11、For example: tree-planting activities, reduce fossil fuel use, we can from our own, to promote low-carbon living. 例如:植树造林活动,减少化石燃料的使用,我们可以从我们自己的行为,促进低碳生活。

12、Low-carbon life is an attitude towards life. 低碳生活首先是一种生活态度。

13、This deviates from the popular concept of “low carbon life” — to reduce the emission of carbon, especially carbon dioxide, to protect our environment and realize sustainable development. 这偏离了流行的“低碳生活”的理念。 低碳生活是指,减少碳,尤其是二氧化碳的排放,以保护环境,实现可持续发展。

14、It shows that this catalyst has excellent performances:high low-temperature activity, low steam-gas ratio, good resistance to toxicants and carbon-depostion. 结果表明,CN-23型天然气蒸汽转化催化剂具有低温活性好、水碳比低、抗毒性好、抗析碳能力强的特点。

15、A recent period, I heard the word "low-carbon life". 最近一个时期,我听到了“低碳生活”一词。

16、These neutrons react with nitrogen nuclei, giving out a proton and producing the active carbon isotope 14 . 这些中子跟氮元素的核子产生反应,释放出一个质子并产生出活性碳同位素14 。

17、Schatz, can you please complete this sentence for me: 'Life is like…' 老婆,请你完成这个句子:“生活就像……”

18、To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, select the "low-carbon life" is the bounden duty of every citizen. 减少二氧化碳的排放,选择“低碳生活”是每个公民应尽的责任。

19、The so-called "low-carbon life"means that we have to try our best to reduce the cost of energy in our daily life thereby reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and the pollution of atmosphere. 所谓“低碳生活”就是指在我们日常生活中,尽量降低能量的耗费从而减低二氧化碳的排放量, 从而减少对大气的污染。

20、We invite you to take part in the low-carbon health action – "Protect our earth – low-carbon consumption, let living environment better" organized by our hotel. 我们邀请您参加酒店正在进行的“保护我们的地球——低碳消费让生活环境更美好”低碳健康行动。

21、We must be fully aware of the importance of low-carbon economy in common people' life and make a serious study of basic ways of low-carbon life. 我们应充分认识低碳经济对普通民众生活的重要价值,认真研究低碳生活的基本途径。

22、It is from these daily routines that we develop a strong environmental consciousness and live a low-carbon and environmentally friendly life. 正是从这些小事中,我们建立起低碳环保的强烈意识,养成地碳环保的生活习惯。

23、I think if everyone does something for the low-carbon life, the world will become more and more beautiful. 我相信,如果大家都为低碳生活做一些事情,世界将会变得越来越美好的。

24、A new living attitude-low carbon living left a deep impression on me while I was listening radio. 前几天,听收音机,主持人在讲目前流行的一种生活方式-低碳生活,给我留下了深刻的印象。

25、I belive if everyone lives a low-carbon life our world will become more and more beautiful. 我相信如果每个人都有一个低碳生活,我们的世界将会变得越来越美丽。


26、The construction of the low-carbon city development mode is innovating means of energy-saving and emission-reduction, environment improvement and low-carbon economy. 论证培育低碳生活,建构城市低碳发展模式的对策;

27、If this term is the hottest what, I think, "low-carbon life" will definitely be crowned as the top. 如果说今年最热的名词是什么,我想,“低碳生活”一定会荣登榜首。

28、I do not know how many people are ready to start their low-carbon style, and how many enterprises have begun to re-measure their production and management by using of the carbon emission. 我不知道有多少人准备好现在开始自己的低碳生活、又有多少企业开始用碳排放来重新衡量自己的生产和经营。

29、Low-carbon economy in recent years become increasingly focus of attention in people's lives, also has the hearts of the low-carbon life. 比年低碳经济成为人们生存中日益存眷的热门,低碳生存的见解也已经深入民气。

30、Let us lead a low- carbon life ! 让我们过低碳生活!

31、Three iron materials, low carbon steel, high carbon steel and gray cast iron were used respectively as the anode in the electrolysis production of ferrate(Ⅵ). 以低碳钢、高碳钢和灰铸铁为阳极,电解生成高铁酸盐的研究表明,阳极材料含碳量的不同,电流效率有显著的差异,即灰铸铁>高碳钢>低碳钢。

32、The article introduces the practice of high carbon ferrochrome with low titanium &low silicon, points out the crucial factors which affect its stable production. 介绍了低钛低硅高碳铬铁的生产实践,指出影响低钛低硅高碳铬铁稳定生产的关键因素。

33、With the development of society, low-carbon life becomes more and more important. Some people think it is very difficult to do. In fact, we can do a lot of things . 随着社会的发展,低碳生活变得越来越重要,某些民众认为做到低碳是一件很困难的事情,其实不然,我们可以做到很多事情。

34、Our main route is to build five insitutions, including low-carbon industry, consumption, technology, economic policy and publicity campaign as well as the improvement of six security means. 构建低碳产业、低碳消费、低碳技术、低碳经济政策、低碳宣传教育五大体系和完善六大保障措施。

35、In addition, we should use our knowledge and action toarouse others' concern about the importance of lowering emission of carbondioxide and lead them to lead a "low-carbon" life. 而且,我们应该利用我们的知识,采取行动来引起别人对降低二氧化碳排放的重要性的关注并引导他们过“低碳生活”。

36、The article elaborated the low-carbon technology in develops in the low-carbon economy importance… 文章阐述了低碳技术在发展低碳经济中的重要性以及开发低碳技术的主要途径。

37、The microbial biomass C and N were lowest in no-tillage 10 and 7~8 years, respectively, and then decreased along with the the no-tillage years increasing. 随着免耕年限延长,土壤微生物量碳、氮均呈逐渐降低的趋势,免耕xx年以上土壤微生物量碳最低,微生物量氮在免耕7~xx年时最低。

38、To serve as responsible stewards of the planet④, we must promote and popularize a low carbon life among the public from every detail in our daily life. 作为对地球负责任的管理者,我们必须在公众中推广并普及低碳的生活方式,从日常生活中的每个细节开始。

39、The " I love Low Carbon Life " canvas bag is very popular among staff. 名为“我爱低碳生活”的帆布袋在工作人员中相当流行。

40、The "Happy Expo Forest" on the theme of "Enjoying New Low-carbon Life". 以“乐享低碳新生活”为主题的“世博欢乐林”。

41、Like Zheng Xiyu and her colleagues, more and more people are pursuing a low-carbon life. 像郑希瑜和她的同事们一样,越来越多的人正投身低碳生活。

42、Along with the global warming, the nations worldwide are paying deep concern over the development of low carbon economy. 生活小百科网:随着全球气候变暖,世界各国都在高度关注低碳经济的发展。

43、Biomass biomass boiler precipitator fuel is a renewable source of carbon, with great production, wide distribution, low sulfur, low nitrogen, fast growth, low carbon dioxide emissions. 生物质锅炉除尘器生物质燃料是可再生的碳源,具产量巨大、分布广泛、低硫、低氮、生长快、二氧化碳排放低的特点。

44、We young people should lead low-carbon lifestyles. 作为年轻人,我们应当率先接受低碳生活。

45、However, regardless of reception or rejection , low-carbon life has become a real necessity. 但是,不管接受还是不接受,低碳生活已成为现实的必然。

46、Along with the improvement of middle and low carbon-ferromanganese is still used in producing middle and low carbon-ferromanganese. 随著中低碳锰铁生产工艺的进步,高碳锰铁还可以用于生产中低碳锰铁。

47、There is a chemical re-action of the carbonic acid with the metal cation which can generate insoluble carbonates, resulting in decrease of the clay liner permeability. 而碳酸根是以其与金属离子发生化学反应生成难溶性碳酸盐的方式,降低了粘土的渗透系数。

48、For welding structures on mild carbon and other structures burden high press in low temperature. 鲁源碳钢电焊条,低碳钢结构,低合金钢结构-碳钢电焊条 低价高质!

49、I do not know since when, the concept of low-carbon unknowingly walked into people's lives. Especially after last year's Copenhagen meeting, our businesses are talking about low-carbon. 不知从何时开始,低碳概念不知不觉的走进了人们的生活,特别是去年哥本哈根会议之后,我国各行各业都在谈论低碳。

50、I think we should live low-carbon life. 我认为我们应该过低碳生活。


51、Only turn the water heater on when necessary, and adjust temperature controls to avoid overheating. Put a lid on a pan when boiling water. 低碳生活小窍门6。 热水器不用就别开,温度控制不要过热。烧水时在锅上盖好盖子。

52、The results show that RE can decrease activation energy for carburizing and expedite carburization. 结果表明,稀土能降低渗碳的激活能,有利于提高其渗碳速度。

53、In order to meet the requests of producing the low-carbon and ultra-low-carbon steel, the unfired carbon-free alumina-magnesia ladle bricks are developed. 为适应生产低碳钢、超低碳钢的要求,研制免烧无碳铝镁钢包砖。

54、She had received a sentence of 20-to-life. 她还收到了20到生活的句子。

55、The 2010 Hunan Sci-tech Forum themed with "Developing low-carbon economy, constructing low-carbon Hunan" and the event of "Academicians to Hunan" will be held in mid October. 例句:以“发展低碳经济,共建低碳湖南”为主题的xx年湖南科技论坛,及“院士湖南行”活动将于xx月中旬举行。

56、Low Carbon Life Eco Stair Steps Elevators use a lot of energy, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is also high. An average of 0.218 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted for each floor taken. 低碳生活少乘电梯,减碳有法升降机耗电非常高,因此而排放的二氧化碳也相对多,平均走动一层,便释放0.218公斤二氧化碳。

57、Low-carbon economy based on low-power, low emissions, low pollution features, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development mode of production and lifestyles. 低碳经济是以低能耗、低排放、低污染为特点,以实现可持续发展为目标的生产方式和生活方式。

58、Green lighting, low carbon life, Denon lighting with you hand in hand, create a better future. 绿色照明、低碳生活,天忆灯饰照明与您携手并进、共创未来。

59、You now can rev the engine in any gear for a sportier feel or for a greener pace choose to shift gears at lower rpms. 现在,您可以在任何挡位享受一种运动感,或在低转速下的享受低碳生活的乐趣。


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