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关于”责任的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Responsible sentences。以下是关于责任的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Responsible sentences

1、Worse, it is an abdication of our responsibility to our children and grandchildren - and a limitation on our future. 这是我们对下一代甚至下下一代的不负责任,对我们未来的不负责任。

2、She still remained bound to a child she should not be bearing. 她仍在对一个本来她不应该负责的孩子尽责任。

3、The person in charge is specified as the number-one responsible for the accounting and his accounting responsibility and accounting legal responsibility are laid stress on in the new "Accounting Law". 新《会计法》将单位负责人明确列为本单位会计工作的第一责任人,突出了单位负责人的会计责任和会计法律责任。

4、Hold the media accountable . 让媒体负起责任.

5、Everyone should be responsible for his work 每个人都应对自己的工作负责

6、The immediate onus is on Modi. 现在需要担负起责任的是莫迪。

7、COVERED PERSONS SUBJECT TO CONTRIBUTION- A covered person against whom judgment is not collectible shall be subject to contribution and to any continuing liability to the plaintiff on the judgment. 从属连带责任的责任人-判定为不可收现责任的责任人,应被视作具有连带责任,并且对判决的原告具有持续赔偿责任。

8、He offered to take charge of all arrangements. 他主动提出来负责安排一切。

9、Her responsibilities and tasks determine those of her little sister, Mrs. S. Governess we met before. 她的责任和任务决定了我们刚刚遇到的SOA治理女士的责任和任务。

10、He had a sign on his desk: The Buck Stops Here. 他的桌子上有句名言。责任止于此。

11、He was appointed to superintend the toy department . 他获任玩具部的负责人。

12、It is reasonable, reflective, responsible, and skilful thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do. 评判式思维是合理的,反思的,负责任及有技巧的思维方式,注重于决定相信什么及如何做。

13、Mr. Wang is responsible for this task… I an in charge of this section. 负责这项工作任务我负责这个工段。

14、Furthermore, God hope everyone will become the accountable and conscientious man. 神更盼望人人成为实现神人和好的有责任且负责任的自我;

15、A responsible man never evades his duties. 一个负责任的人从不逃避责任。

16、Area of responsibility of the inspectors to establish a steering group to ban paid tutor, the area of responsibility by the person in charge of inspectors headed. 各督学责任区要建立禁止有偿家教督导小组,由各督学责任区负责人担任组长。

17、Newly Published Accounting Law specifies definitely the director of the responsibility entity to assume the law consequence. 新《会计法》明确规定了单位负责人作为会计责任主体应承担的法律责任。

18、The Insurance Company is responsible for the claim, as far as it is within the scope of coverage. 只要在保险责任范围内,保险公司就应负 赔偿责任。

19、You're irresponsible and untrustworthy. 你不负责任,不可信赖。

20、To audit and supervise the implementation of department budgets; to audit the economic accountability of outgoing officers of institutions affiliated to the Ministry. 负责部门预算执行情况的审计监督;负责对部属单位负责人经济责任离任审计;指导部属单位的内部审计工作。

21、No negative coping, muddle with one's duty, pass the buck. 决不消极应付、敷衍塞责、推卸责任。

22、Every child bares the responsibility and obligation of supporting the old. 每位子女都负有赡养老人的责任和义务。

23、The party whose liability is reallocated is nonetheless subject to contribution and to any continuing liability to the claimant on the judgment. 其责任被重新分配的当事人仍然可能被寻求分摊并基于判决对原告承担继续承担责任。

24、You are welcome to comment on my comme … 以上是我不负责任的意见… …

25、Good businesses are responsible. 好企业是负责任的。


26、Firstly, a kind of administrative culture which emphasizes responsibility should be established to improve the responsibility sense; 首先应建设彰显责任的决策文化,以提升决策主题的责任意识;

27、If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shouldres. (Joh Brnyan Btitish ssayist) 你若希望你的孩子总是脚踏实地, 就要让他们负些责任。责任编辑:译一。

28、Party and government leaders are responsible for the safety of production in the region, the other members of the team responsible for the safety of production within the scope of responsibility. 党政主要负责人是本地区安全生产第一责任人,班子其他成员对分管范围内的安全生产工作负领导责任。

29、We disclaim all liability for these matters. 我们拒绝对这些内容负任何责任。

30、Take charge of your own happinessHe should be responsible for that. 他应该对此事负有责任。

31、" Start the sentence with "I" to take responsibility for what you are going and clearly. 用“我”开始这个句子清晰的负责任的表达你要做什么。

32、The constitution mandates that the central court is accountable to the Supreme People's Assembly, and the criminal code subjects judges to criminal liability for handing down "unjust judgments. 宪法强制规定中央裁判所对最高人民会议负责,而刑法规定法官进行“不公正的审判”要负刑事责任。

33、Taking responsibility takes practice and opportunity. 学习如何负担责任需要你的孩子身体力行和掌握机会。

34、.Take charge of your own happiness. .快乐由自己负责。

35、Responsibility and fulfill the moral responsibility is not fulfilled, the person will be responsible for the moral condemnation. 责任及履行道义责任没有履行,应当负责的人会受到道德谴责。

36、This forum and it's members can not be held liable for any loss or liability as a result of reading any posts. 本论坛和会员不会为任何损失和责任负担法律和经济责任。

37、Calligonum duty, duty should be felt. 责任,感到的应该是责 任。

38、I am to blame for his lateness. 我对他的迟到负有责任。

39、As the principle, I'm in responsibility of it. 作为华科负责人是有责任的。

40、At the resume stage, this is anirresponsible and presumptuous thing to say. 在简历上说这句话是很不负责任、过于自负的行为。

41、Notice responsible hardship of life in order to know all about the fun of responsibility. ⊙、人生须知负责任的苦处,才能知道尽责任的乐趣。

42、He should be responsible for that. 他应该对此事负有责任。

43、The responsibility was in large part mine. 大部分责任由我来负。

44、A release by the injured person of one joint tortfeasor, whether before or after judgment, does not discharge the other tortfeasors unless the release so provides; 受害人对某一共同侵权人的责任免除,无论是判决之前或者之后,都不免除其他共同侵权人的责任,除非该责任免除包含该内容;

45、He urged Congress to act responsibly. 他敦促国会采取负责任的行动。

46、ACCOUNTABILITY - The things that you do where if something goes right or wrong, you get the credit or blame (i. e. the buck stops with me). 责任:无论所作的事情是对是错,你必须负责。无论你是被表扬还是被责怪,都要担起责任。

47、The legal responsibilities of CA cover civil, administrative and criminal ones. 认证机构的法律责任包括民事责任、行政责任和刑事责任。

48、So it is a great responsibility. Of course there are a lot of irresponsible teachers that make life of the kids miserable. 所以这是一个重大的责任。当然有一些,使孩子们的悲惨生活的不负责任的教师很多。

49、From practice, the components of the malicious tort litigation is that tort liability is the condition of actor bearing and is to determine whether the act should bear tort liability standard. 而从实践方面来说,恶意诉讼侵权责任的构成要件,是行为人承担侵权责任的条件,是判断行为人是否应当担负侵权责任的标准。

50、That is the responsibility we bear. 这是我们担负的责任。


51、If joint liability is specified by law or by agreement, the parties shall assume joint liability. 依照法律的规定或者协议的约定负连带责任的,承担连带责任。

52、Everyone should be responsible for his work 每个人都应对自己的工作负责。

53、I shall ignore that uncalled-for remark. 我不会理会那句不负责任的话的。

54、We all take responsibility for that. 我们都对此负有责任”。

55、We want maximum accountability, so I’m holding them accountable and I’m holding you accountable. 我们想要最大化的责任性,所以团队要负责任,你要负责任。

56、Second, the act of responsibility, character and personality of the responsibility of responsibility: 3, psychological and norms of the responsibility of responsibility. 行为责任论、性格责任论与人格责任论:三、心理责任论与规范责任论。

57、How can you take more personal responsibility? 如何担负起更多的个人责任?

58、The objective cost is divided into the responsible cost for each responsible entity through the responsible budget. 通过责任预算,将目标成本层层分解为各责任实体的责任成本。 落实责任,明确任务,实现责、权、利的统一;

59、She bore the whole burden of raising two children alone. 她一个人负起抚养两个孩子的全部责任。

60、" China's Criminal Law Section 31 provides that: "units crime, units imposing a fine, and its executive officers directly responsible for the staff and other responsibilities sentencing. 第31条规定:“单位犯罪的,对单位判处罚金,并对其直接负责的主管人员和其他责任人员判处刑罚。

61、The effect of Parents liability which concludes the distribution among father and mother, parents and minors, parents and other tortfeasors is important to implement liabilities . 父母责任的效力是责任实施要素中的重要环节,包括父亲与母亲、父母与未成年子女、父母与第三人之间的责任分配与负担关系。

62、School mainly shoulder fault responsibility in student injury consequence. In extremely special cases school undertakes non-fault responsibility and fair responsibility. 学校对学生伤害后果主要负过错责任,在极其特殊的情况下才承担无过错责任和公平责任。

63、It includes three parts:the range of responsibility, the person being responsible for joint liability, the System of responsibility guaranty. 其包括责任范围、责任承担者和负联带责任者、责任保障机制三个方面。 其难点,一是存在权力、人治、人情和裙带四道难关;

64、The legal liabilities may assumed by the forger, including civil liabilities , criminal liabilities and administrative liabilities. 伪造人可能承担的法律责任,包括民事责任、刑事责任及行政责任。

65、Member States further recognised the roles of the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Responsible Management Education. 会员国进一步认可了负责任投资原则和负责任管理教育原则的作用。

66、A court in January found EDS liable in certain areas, but dismissed other claims. 一法院xx月时判决EDS在某些地方负有责任,同时也驳回了其它一些指控.

67、Our duty is to hold ourselves responsible to the people. 我们的责任, 是向人民负责。

68、These responsibilities include administrative responsibilities, civil responsibilities and criminal responsibilities with non-fault responsibility. 循环经济法律责任的种类包括行政责任、民事责任和刑事责任,采用无过错责任原则。

69、Who will bear the responsibility? 谁将担负这责任?

70、The essence of criminal responsibility is criminal responsibility place is built-in, decide basic property or the ultimacy quality of criminal responsibility that exists and develops. 刑事责任的本质是刑事责任所固有的,决定刑事责任的存在、发展的根本性质或根本属性。

71、Fortunately, the other party is responsible, not responsible for it? 对方 是负责任的还好,不想负责的呢?


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