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关于”表建议的高级句型“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Table suggested advanced sentence patterns。以下是关于表建议的高级句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Table suggested advanced sentence patterns

1、Get the Ss to make suggestion and take advice by using the patterns in the dialogue. 本课围绕讨论旅行计划,复习如何提出建议和表达自己的意见的句型。

2、Because it allows you to very softly express a dislike about a suggested action. 因为这个句型能让你以一种委婉温柔的方式表达对某一提议的否定。

3、During week 1 of an iteration, the senior architects presented the proposed candidate function list. 在迭代的第 1 周中,高级架构师提出建议的候选功能列表。

4、The experiment results of applying in the capacitor pressure sensor(CPS) show that the speed of this LS-SVM building model is 1~2 order of magnitude,while the compensation errors is 20 % of SVM model. 通过实际电容式压力传感器校正的实验结果表明:所提模型建模速度比SVM模型高1~2个数量级,补偿误差仅为SVM模型的20%左右。

5、Suggest to grant privilege of creating a group to more people, e. g. people with a superior membership. 建议让更多的人拥有建立组群的权利,比如说高级会员以上级别。

6、Jython provides the statement types summarized in Table 1. Jython 提供了表 2 中总结的语句类型。

7、Howard Johnson Plaza Domendo Ulanqab is international 5 star standard construction business conference type hotel. 乌兰察布豪生大酒店是按照国际5星级标准建造的商务会议型酒店。

8、Only the top generals, senior commanders and senior ministers do the talking at the meeting. 只有高层将领、高级指挥官以及资深部长们才会在这类会议上发表讲话。

9、I suggest writing it down word for word. 我建议将想说的一句一句都写下来。

10、Business scope: Imported top quality paint, composite floorings and carpets, top quality external wallboards, fashionable new type building and decorating materials. 经营种类:进口高级涂料;进口高级复合地板、复合地毯;高级外墙板;国际流行的新型建筑、装饰材料。

11、there is a longrunning debate as to whether… .有一个长期运行的辩论,是否…

12、His recommendation letter is full of justified statements. 建议书可以说是句句昌言呀!

13、Socks according to the pressure level can be divided into health care and treatment, health care is the 1 stage, treatment type is the 2-3 level, higher levels, the greater the pressure. 袜子按照压力等级可以分为保健型和治疗型,保健型的是1级,治疗型是2-3级,级数越高,压力越大。

14、We advise that steps be taken at once.  我们建议立即采取措施。

15、Kim Yong Chun suggested that the high-level military talks at the end of the preparatory talks. 金永春建议本月底举行高级军事会谈的预备会谈。

16、we have lived in the city for ten years. 句型2:subject (主语) + link. v(系动词) + predicate(表语) 这种句型主要用来表示主语的特点、身份等。

17、What I suggest is this. 今天要教大家一句是:"What I suggest is this." ‘我要为你建议的是...’

18、you could suggest going home and coming back early the next day by using the "let's" pattern. 而是建议大家赶紧回家,第二天上午早点来工作。你可以用“let's”句型来表达。

19、my argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。

20、Suggested Grade Level: 11-12 Advanced PE Classes . 建议教学水平:体育提高班11~12级。

21、The first component of the advanced chart creation process is to build a relatively unmodified pie chart. 高级图表创建过程的第一步是构建相对来说未经修饰的饼图。

22、"I suggest you consider a box of Legos, " I add. “建议你考虑一盒乐高,”我又加了一句。

23、to be frank, i can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

24、Things will work out. Q: What does the man advise Allen to do? 四个选项都是祈使句,说明问题问的是会话这一方建议另一方做什么,这样考生就可以将注意力集中于表示建议的语句上。

25、According to the official, the timing of the announcement with the NATO ministerial meeting was no coincidence. 这位官员表示,宣布这项建议与北约举行部长级会议在时间上并非巧合。


26、"Turn your dial up on sensitivity, " suggests Gerard Roche, senior chairman of recruiters Heidrick & Struggles International Inc. 海德思哲国际公司高级招聘经理杰勒德•罗奇)的建议是,“一定要提高警惕。

27、Create detailed reports, charts and summaries that portray data quality levels and present recommendations. 创建详细的报告、图表和总结,以描绘数据质量级别和提供建议。

28、The "I wonder" pattern is a great way to a little bit ambiguously state that I wonder”句型是个很棒的句型,它可以模棱两可地表达

29、He called to Westminster a Great Council, which included elected burgesses from selected boroughs. 他召集到威斯敏斯特一个高级委员会,成员包括从议会中有代表的市镇中选举出的议员。

30、Typical heavyweight methods say you should do all but the most trivial design tasks up front. 典型的重量级方法建议您做的不过是提前完成大部分琐碎的设计任务。

31、or as in our last example, when you want to suggestnot to do something. 或者在刚才的最后一句例句中,当你想建议不要做某事的时候,也可以用这个句型。

32、Therefore, has to design the construction to manifest two kind of design concepts two levels of submarines: Peaceful "Lipscomb" level and high speed "Los Angeles" level. 于是,只好设计建造体现两种设计思想的两级潜艇:安静型的“利普斯科姆”级和高速型的“洛杉矶”级。

33、Starting to build pivot tables with advanced Excel export with PHP 利用高级 Excel 导出功能和 PHP 开始构建 pivot 表

34、Ms Chang: Hard to set off senior secretaries and assistants. The latter give more suggestions in operation for bosses. 常:高级秘书和助理的界限很难划分,助理给予老板业务方面的建议会更多,而高级秘书与一般的秘书有不同之处在于:高级秘书与领导层的沟通和联络会更多。

35、It is a good idea to do sth. It is the second +最高级+名词 初中英语重要句型

36、Four levels, each of which has 2 books with strictly limited grammatical structures and vocabulary. 依句型与字汇难易程度分成“初级”、“初级进阶”、“中级”及“高级”共四个阶段,每阶段各包含2册。

37、It's also recommended that you use Xfree86 4.0 or greater; if you aren't, I recommend that you upgrade to Xfree86 4.1 first. 还建议您使用 Xfree86 4.0 或更高版本,如果您的系统版本较低,建议您首先升级到 Xfree86 4.1。

38、as far as i am concerned, i completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

39、When people's representative conferences are established up to the county level, it will be easy to set them up at higher levels. 有了县和县以下的各级人民代表会议,县以上的各级人民代表会议就容易建立起来了。

40、DOM is a very high-level tree-based representation of an XML document. DOM 是一种 XML 文档的高级树型表示。

41、Can you change the comparative form into its superlative form in this sentence? 你能把这句话的比较级改为最高级吗?

42、In a highlevel language, a process of carrying out of statements expressed. Each statement is translated and executed immediately by the interpreter. 高级编程语言中的一种执行所表达语句的处理方法,由解释程序翻译并立即执行每个语句。

43、This Recommendation provides the stage 2 service description of the Three-Party supplementary service. 该建议提供三方补充业务的第2级业务描述。

44、The highest judicial appointments and made by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. 最高级别的司法官任命由女王根据首相的建议做出。

45、Higher-level summary tables in a pyramid of tables may be built off lower-level tables, rather than off of the fact table. 表金字塔中的高级汇总表可以在低级表的基础上构建、而不能在事实表的基础上构建。

46、You may not have said, "You go, girl, " since the eighth grade, but Dufu makes a strong case for bringing back the phrase. 从xx年级开始你应该就不会说“加油吧,姑娘”,但杜芙强烈建议大家重新用上这句话。

47、The Senate typically advises and consents by confirming a president’s nominations of high-ranking officials. 参议院通常以确认总统对高级官员的提名的方式提出建议和表示同意。

48、Finally, through the practice of reflection put forward the construction of high school-type classes of responses: changes in students the idea that the premise of building a learning classes; 最后,通过实践中的反思提出了建设高中学习型班级的对策:转变师生观念是学习型班级建设的前提;

49、The ELECTRE method is a relation model based on outranking relation, which is the key of this method. ELECTRE方法是建立在级别高于关系基础之上一种关系模型,级别高于关系是该方法的核心思想。

50、At the same time, the suggestion about designating high loess slope that lies in Tong-Huang high way is put forward. 同时,作者还提出了铜黄一级公路常见黄土高边坡的坡型设计建议。


51、Connect the words to give three pieces of good financial advice. 连词成句,给出三条好的理财建议。

52、Now you can give me some advice.  现在你可以给我一些忠告。

53、With the expansion of newly-founded universities, archives in their subordinate colleges are on the agenda. 随着新建高校办学规模的扩大,二级学院的文档建设提到了议事日程。

54、A defined set of messaging capabilities called the "Advanced Message Queuing Protocol Model" (AMQP Model). 一组明确定义的消息功能,被称为“高级消息队列协议(AMQP模型)”。

55、It was crafted on the advice of police psychologists. 这句话是在警方心理学家的建议下录制的。

56、The result approve that the order of reaction of bio-denitrification kinetics was about 1/2~1 and accord with the constructed model basically. 2figs. , 1tab. , 9refs. 实验结果证实了升流式深床过滤过程中的生物反硝化反应动力学级数在1/ 2-1级之间,并与所建动力学模型基本吻合。图2,表1,参9。

57、In a less exciting example, you could use the "let's" pattern to suggest going home. 下面一个例子稍显平淡,你也可以用“let's”句型来建议大家回家。

58、I1 denotes a higher clarity grade than I2, which in turn is higher than I3. I1等级表示其净度高于I2等级,I2等级表示其净度高于I3等级。

59、We have good reason to believe that。 表示好处的常用句型

60、i cannot entirely agree with the idea that … .我无法完全同意这一观点的…

61、We suggest that a three-level cascade medium be used to achieve the switching from normal dispersion to anomalous dispersion. 建议利用三能级级联型介质实现从正常色散到反常色散的变换。

62、The recommended levels they suggest for a typical passenger vehicle should be equated to 5.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 建议各级他们建议的一个典型的客运车辆应等同于5.5吨的二氧化碳。

63、You could suggest going somewhere else by using a "let's" pattern. 你也可以用“let's”句型来建议换一个地方。

64、She purred her approval of the suggestion. 她高兴地表示赞同这个建议。

65、This modeling concept is part of the Advanced maturity level “Consumable Type System” capability. 这个建模概念是高级成熟度级别“可消费的类型系统”能力的一部分。

66、By the way, I would like to make one recommendation. 顺便提一句,我有个建议

67、The formulas recommended are verified with the test data, the results show that the formulas have higher precision. 所建议的计算公式经大量模型梁试验数据验证表明,计算公式具有较高的精度。

68、Greetings, I am Mira. I greet you from the Pleiadian High council. 大家好,我是米拉。我代表昴宿星高级议会向你们表示问候。

69、More complex sentence types featured advanced-level dialogues. 高年级课程中的对话以句子类型更为复杂为特点。

70、i believe the title statement is valid because… . 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

71、He was invited to the party. 他被邀请来参加派对。

72、Any of the other students in our class is shorter than Tom. 除了第一句,其它句子都是比较级结构,但有最高级含义。

73、We recommend SOREL high waterproof boots consisting of two inner and one outer layers. 我们建议穿SOREL高防水靴,内两层外一层,防寒级别-70度。

74、I like to talk with my parents seated in the living room。 (seated in the living room做状语,是比较高级的句型了)

75、The materials cover question sentences, future tense , comparison and a lot more. 有疑问句、未来式、 比较级等等实用的句型。


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