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关于”表示提建议的句型“的英语句子4个,句子主体:A sentence pattern indicating a suggestion。以下是关于表示提建议的句型的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A sentence pattern indicating a suggestion

1、You can show your appreciation for a suggestion: That's an excellent idea. 你可以对别人的建议表示欣赏:That's an excellent idea.

2、Jython provides the statement types summarized in Table 1. Jython 提供了表 2 中总结的语句类型。

3、"The challenge is to provide real quality advice that will make the difference," said Ong. Ong表示,"挑战在于,能否提供真正高质量并会产生重要影响的建议."

4、You can use the "I'll" pattern to show that you intend to do something, 你可以用 "I'll" 句型来表示你正打算做某事。

5、This is a great pattern that you can use to express a level of certainty, 这是一个很棒的句型,你可以用它来表示某种程度的肯定,

6、to be frank, i can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

7、Beside of describing those society problems, Kwee also wrote a lot of comments and constructive recommendations. 在反映这些问题的同时,他也表示出严厉的批评,以及建设性的建议。

8、i cannot entirely agree with the idea that … .我无法完全同意这一观点的…

9、It shows how to modify the table creation statement for a global reset. 它演示如何修改表创建语句以实现全局重置。

10、To agree with a suggestion, you can say OK. 要表示同意某项建议,你可以说OK (好的)。

11、He was invited to the party. 他被邀请来参加派对。

12、The Senate typically advises and consents by confirming a president’s nominations of high-ranking officials. 参议院通常以确认总统对高级官员的提名的方式提出建议和表示同意。

13、The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 表示看法的常用句型

14、I believe you can get on well with your friends! I hope you are very happy at school everyday. Mary(他给你的信开头写的是你的名字,所以你写信时落款是Mary) 希望对你有帮助!

15、Write a letter to your congress person either to thank them or advise them of a concern. 向你所了解的国会议员写封信,不管是对他表示感谢或对你关心的问题提出建议都行。

16、In addition to meaning "otherwise", "yaoburan" can also be used to give a suggestion. 表示递进关系,通常用于给别人提建议的时候。

17、Express gratitude on specific guidance and advise received by you during the session. 对面试过程中的具体指导和建议表示感谢。

18、there is a longrunning debate as to whether… .有一个长期运行的辩论,是否…

19、If there is an increase in demand,then prices rise./go up./boost./are higher.1 Different people look at.in different ways.●表示不同看法的句型

20、Figure 4 shows the list of suggestions and the code it suggests for a local variable. 图 4 显示了该建议列表和建议创建一个局部变量之后生成的代码。

21、This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. However,that’s not the case. 表示例举的常用句型

22、Lai Temu said at the meeting, the Belgian "absolutely no" Germany's proposal. 莱特姆在会上表示,比利时“绝对不同意”德国的建议。

23、We assented to her proposal. 对她的建议我们表示同意。

24、The Working Group broadly endorsed all recommendations of the Volcker panel. 工作小组对沃尔克专家小组的所有建议表示广泛赞同。

25、Figure 5 shows the list of suggestions and the code it suggests for a local variable. 图 5 示了该建议列表和建议创建一个局部变量之后所生成的代码。


26、To agree with a suggestion, you can say OK. 要表示同意某项建议,你可以说OK (好的)。

27、The students chorused their approval of the suggestion. 同学们对该建议齐声表示赞成。

28、Some advice regarding chlorinity expressing measure and assessment method in the chloride ion permeability test is proposed. 并对混凝土氯离子渗透性试验的氯离子浓度表示和评价方法提出建议。

29、It's a way to nod your head and say that you're okay with moving forward. 这个句型表示你会点头同意继续推进一件事情。

30、She purred her approval of the suggestion. 她高兴地表示赞同这个建议。

31、Order, suggest, demand, inquire, require etc. 表示命令,要求,建议,意见,请求,询问等。

32、The attitudinal past and progressive aspect in English, when used in sentences of requests and proposals, may have functions of flexibility and politeness. 英语动词表态性过去时及进行体在表示请求、提议等句式中常带有委婉礼貌的功能。

33、Other senators said they had not discussed the tax proposal. 其他参议员表示他们没有讨论过税收建议。

34、or you can use an "I don't think" question, which, of course, is very similar, only in the negative version of the "I think" question. 当然,你也可以使用“I don't think”的句型,它与“I think”句型十分类似,只不过是以否定句的形式表示。

35、Or you can use it to express something that you've been pondering, I think”句型也可以用来表示一些你在思考的事情,

36、We would like to thank our colleague and mentor Ivan Milman for his suggestions and feedback on this article. 作者对同事兼导师 Ivan Milman 为本文提供建议和反馈表示感谢!

37、We think it necessary to do sth. It plays an important role in our life. 表示变化的常用句型

38、She declared against the proposal. 她表示反对这项提议。

39、A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications. The computer has brought about many changes in education. 表示比较的常用句型

40、Architects say suggestions the schools should have been more robust are not just idle internet chatter. 建筑师们表示,有关学校校舍本应更为坚固的提议,不仅是网上清谈。

41、i believe the title statement is valid because… . 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

42、Submitted by Jeremy Manson, this proposal addresses the addition of limited type inference for class instance creation expressions. For example instead of writing 由Jeremy Manson提交,该建议提出增加对类实例创建表达式的有限类型推断。

43、as far as i am concerned, i completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

44、But some advice: be grateful for your joy, every day. 但我可以给一些建议:对快乐表示感恩,天天如此。

45、my argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。

46、This feature is called "storyboarding", which you can use to demonstrate a proposed business model or to review the model with the stakeholders. 此功能称为“故事板演示”,可用于演示建议的业务模型或与参与者一起审核该模型。

47、"My advice is in favor of international law," Merloe said, agreeing with Boda. 默洛对博达的主张表示赞同。 他说:"我建议支持国际法。"

48、They take the approach of denoting a license through a URI as advocated above. 他们采用上面建议的使用 URI 表示许可证的方法。

49、He mugged displeasure at the suggestion. 他对那个建议皱了一下眉头表示不悦。

50、I hope you are very happy at school everyday. Mary(他给你的信开头写的是你的名字,所以你写信时落款是Mary) 希望对你有帮助!


51、——禁止) no eating or drinking. (禁止吃喝。

52、——请求) be kind to our sister. (对姊妹要和善。

53、I prefer to read rather than watch TV. There is a striking contrast between them 表示事实、现状的常用句型

54、Thank you for your attention to this matter. 与上述的类似,本句表示了你对对方将来可能提供的帮助表示感谢。


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