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One warm day in spring, after reading, I went out to buy a sweater and a skirt. The sweater is as like as two peas, and the collar is black. The collar and sleeves are decorated.

The skirt is black wool. They are very happy to see me wearing new clothes. Sun Ling rushed out to buy herself a suit of sweaters.

It was just like mine. The skirt was a little different. Last Monday, when I was out, we were treated as twin sisters, my roommate Shi Ying and Wang.

As like as two peas, Sun Ling said, "I'm not reasonable enough to buy the same clothes as me." because I bought that suit and no one else should buy it, so Sun Ling bought this dress exactly the same as mine. It was strange that the other flannel shirt and trousers were the same as her, but it was different from the color of the autumn, so one afternoon, Ah Qiu called out to her, "suit followers." have you ever seen this.


服装款式春天的一个温暖的日子读完书,我出去买了一件毛衣和一条裙子。毛衣是粉红色的,领子和袖子上有装饰,裙子是黑色的羊毛,他们很高兴看到我穿着新衣服,孙玲冲出去给自己买了一套衣服毛衣和我的一模一样,裙子也有点不一样,上星期一,我和她穿的衣服一样,我们出去的时候,我们被当成双胞胎姐妹了我的室友石颖和王燕对我说孙玲不对她不应该买和我一样的衣服我觉得很不合理,因为我买了那套衣服,别人也不应该买,所以孙玲这个女孩除了买了和我一模一样的衣服外,确实很奇怪另一套薄薄的法兰绒衬衫和裤子 她的西服和阿秋的完全一样,只是颜色不同,所以有一天下午,阿秋对她喊道:“西服追随者”你见过这种情况吗。


We went to see the elephant show. The elephant was painting. It was so beautiful, even more beautiful than me.

The elephant played football. They even danced and sang. The most exciting part was riding an elephant.

The elephant was so high. It walked so slowly and so heavy that I felt very scared. Because the elephant always gave the elephant a banana.

It was so interesting. I was afraid that it would bite my hand.




Red dress is a girl's dormitory of a foreign language school. There are several nights when a red dress is sold to the door of the night. I don't know how she escaped the inspection downstairs.

All night, in a hallway, if someone opens the door and asks, "red dress doesn't want to /", because the girls are very angry after quarreling, they don't cry. One night in a few nights, the woman comes again The door opened from the inside to the outside of a girl, she yelled "what kind of red dress do I want the whole piece of money?", "the woman laughed and turned around and didn't give her a red skirt. We all slept well that night, and no one knocked on the door the next day.

The dormitories were all packed up. Only knowing that the girl's Scarlet girl couldn't get up, her students opened her quilt, she was all red, and her upper body was red The skin has been tearing yellow, who has blood, looks like a red dress.




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