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关于”英国的新年怎么过“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:How do you spend the new year in England。以下是关于英国的新年怎么过的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How do you spend the new year in England

Spring Festival is a special spring festival. My uncle and my aunt come back from Shanghai. My family are very happy to spend the Spring Festival with them.

It's the most exciting festival of all festivals. On New Year's Eve, my father and my uncle talk about their work. My mother and my aunt do some cooking together.

I watched the new year's TV program around six o'clock, and we had a meal Special family dinner, we all think dumplings are delicious. On the first day of the new year, we went to visit our relatives. We went shopping on Jiefang Road.

My uncle bought some CDs of crows. He liked the music of the crows. There were too many people on the road.

The next day and the third day, we had a wonderful weekend in the countryside. The trees were much bigger than in the city. The animals were more beautiful than in the city.

We all had a good time.




Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China. Like Christmas in western countries, it is a day to celebrate the new year. The Spring Festival is usually in February.

Sometimes in January, every family pastes auspicious inscriptions and sets off firecrackers. The day before they eat dumplings is new year's Eve. Like Christmas Eve, all families get together to have a new YAL dinner, wish each other well and talk about new year's wishes.

The children will give the money they receive as a gift for the new year. A new start, when I stand When I got up, at the beginning of the new year, I couldn't help thinking about my plans for the next year as before. Well said: a good start is half the battle, so I decided that I should work while others are still relaxed.

Then, at the beginning, I was faster than others, of course, I would get better results than others, but I really decided that I would do it What's more, I have to make use of any time I can, although it seems impossible, I will try my best to realize my plan, which will prove that.




Father's day in Britain is celebrated in the same way as in the United States. Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, so the date of the festival is never fixed. Children often give their father some hand-made gifts, such as cards and flowers, to commemorate their father and express their love for their father.

Children often give their father some hand-made gifts. British schools and cultural organizations organize father's Day parties and parties, which provide people with opportunities to celebrate the festival games and add fun to this celebration. It can also be noted that in the UK, father's day has been largely commercialized, with active advertising campaigns launched by Festival marketers to attract people and take advantage of the emotional value of the festival.

Despite critics' strong opposition to rude commercialization, many believe that the marketing of the festival helps to raise awareness of the day and thus strengthen the bond of love between father and son.





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