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关于”印象最深的人“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:The most impressive person。以下是关于印象最深的人的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The most impressive person

The most important person I've met is an Italian philosophy professor who teaches at the University of Pisa. Although the last time I saw him was eight years ago, I did not forget his special qualities. First of all, I was deeply impressed by Ali's love for teaching.

Because his lectures were always well prepared and it was clear that the students were swarming into his classroom. His followers appreciate what he teaches and his intellectual stimulation. In addition, he can explain his ideas in imaginative ways, such as painting, sculpture, sculpture and guest lecturer.

Once he even sang a song in class to illustrate a point. Second, I admire him for talking with students or making phone calls outside the classroom. Having coffee in the snack bar, he makes friends with his students easily.

Sometimes he challenges a student to play a game of chess, sometimes he takes part in group discussions from astronomy to diving, many young people come to his office for academic advice, others come to his home for social parties. Finally, he was attracted by his lively wit. He believes that unless students and professors share a few laughs, at least no class hour is a successful one.

Through his sense of humor, he makes learning more enjoyable and lasting. If life can make smart people smile and stupid people cry, then my friend is a real wise man. Perhaps the best example of his wisdom is the little bit of wisdom he used to end a speech.

It is equally dangerous for man to imitate his own actions. It is God's example to invent machines..









A course that impresses you most in university has many courses every year, but the course that impresses me most in university is advanced English audio visual oral. The reasons why I like this course are as follows: first, I have learned a lot from this course. After taking this course, my oral and translation abilities have been greatly improved.

The second reason is that I like Mr. Qin, the teacher of this course. He is a very patient gentleman.

His spoken English is very good. He sounds like an American speaker. He is very strict with us, but we still like him very much.

As the saying goes, a strict teacher cultivates excellent students. Thanks to teacher Qin's guidance and instruction, my students have made great progress in English learning.





This Thursday, my old friend and I went to the forest park. Although the weather was very hot, we had a good time there, such as pirate ships, bumper cars, Arabian flying blankets and so on. We were excited.

It was also my friend's birthday. I bought her a comic book because she liked cartoons very much. She also invited me to her new home.

Finally, she gave me a heart made of crystal. She really moved me. On Sunday afternoon, our translation team finally completed all the chapters.

I was really excited, although our translation was not very fluent, very good, even a little abrupt. This is our knot If I saw my name on the list of hero translators, I was really proud of my efforts on Monday. The second time I went to school to study, the weather was still very hot, but I was ready to face my homework.

The typhoon came this Saturday. It was really terrible. My father said that when he was driving, a pole fell off and it almost fell into his car.

It was really dangerous. But this Saturday, my reporter class started, and I had to go to the Youth Cultural Exchange Center (near Shanghai railway station) Go to the class. The wind was so windy that I could hardly walk.

Many trees fell down. When I got there, I was late. But I was surprised to find that only two students came to my teacher's art class.

Typhoon is really terrible.





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