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关于”技术类的工作“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Technical work。以下是关于技术类的工作的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Technical work

Science and technology are the differences between science and technology here. Science is the method to answer theoretical problems and technology is the method to solve practical problems. Science involves the discovery of facts and relations between observable phenomena in nature, and the establishment of theory.

In order to organize these facts and relations, technology is related to the tools, technologies and procedures to realize scientific discovery. Another difference between science and technology is related to every scientific progress. It does not include the truth that scientists who seek to understand the universe and the human factors in understanding the universe have the highest accuracy and certainty, ignore their own or others' likes and dislikes, and ignore people's general view on the suitability of things.

What scientists discover may shock or infuriate Darwin's theory of evolution, But even an unpleasant fact is likely to be useful. We can choose to refuse to believe it, but technically, we can't refuse to hear the sonic boom produced by supersonic aircraft flying overhead. We don't choose to refuse to breathe polluted air.

Unlike science, technological progress must be our slaves, not contrary to legitimate purposes. Technology serves the people, It is not just some people and future generations, not just those who want to benefit themselves now. We are all familiar with the abuse of technology.

Many people blame technology for widespread pollution. Resource depletion, even the general decline of society, has also blurred the hope of technology, that is, a cleaner and healthier world. If the wise application of science and technology can not bring about one A better world, what else can technical scientists do http://translategoglecn/.




Science and technology direction: you can write a composition about science and technology in a few minutes. You should write at least a few words, and your composition should be based on the following explanation. Science and technology play an important role in modern science and technology, and it is not always a positive force in modern life science.

Science and technology play an important role in people's daily life Compared with the life in the past, it is not difficult to see that science and technology have made great contributions to improving people's quality of life. For example, computers have become our good friends: with the help of computers, people all over the world can share any information on the Internet, which shortens the distance between them. With the invention of radio and television, people can now stay at home and learn about domestic and international news.

But just as coins have two sides, technology will have a negative impact on people's lives. Technological crimes are very common, and nuclear bombs threaten our human survival. Therefore, I think we must pay enough attention to the abuse of technology.

Although technology has its disadvantages, we should admit that technology is very useful. Without science and technology, human life would not be as convenient as it is today.




Science and technology, the essence of the progress of the computer industry is to do more with less resources. Moore's law has a famous observation that the number of transistors that can be crammed into a given space doubles every month. The amount of data that can be stored increases at a similar rate, but the components become smaller.

On May, Paul aldening, the boss of Intel, a large American chip manufacturer, said that For those who lack Intel's resources, Paul Otellini, the chief executive, may have a cheaper option to imitate the nature that has been making micro devices, by Sarah of the University of Leeds A team of researchers led by Staniland described the use of naturally occurring proteins to make biological cells and their components for billions of years, and thus became quite adept at the technology of tiny magnet arrays, similar to magnetic arrays that store information in disk drives This bacterium is very sensitive to the earth's magnetic field due to the presence of magnetite spots in its cells, a form of iron oxide. Previous work has used genetic engineering to isolate the proteins that make these miniature compasses. The research team has successfully convinced a different bacterium, E.coli, a ubiquitous organism, to be the main force of biotechnology To mass produce the protein, they printed a checkerboard pattern of chemicals on a piece of gold, half of which contained the anchor point of the protein, and the other half was untreated.

As a control, they immersed the gold in a solution containing the protein and bound it to the treated grid. Then they soaked the whole lot of gold in iron salt. After that, they used an electron microscope The results were checked.

There is no doubt that groups of magnetite particles are formed on the treated grid. Guided by bacterial proteins, these magnetic domains can store a little bit of information "one" or "zero" according to the way they are polarized.


科学技术,计算机工业进步的本质是用更少的资源做更多的事情摩尔定律有一个著名的观察到可以塞进一个给定空间的晶体管的数量每个月翻一番可存储的数据量以相似的速度增长,但组件变小了,xx月日,美国大型芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)的老板保罗•欧德宁(Paul Otellini)将一家新芯片工厂(称为晶圆厂)的价格定在亿美元左右;首席执行官保罗•欧德宁(Paul Otellini)对那些缺乏英特尔资源的人来说,可能有一个更便宜的选择,即模仿一直在制造微型设备的大自然由英国利兹大学(University of Leeds)Sarah Staniland领导的一组研究人员描述了利用自然产生的蛋白质来制造生物细胞及其组成部分,已经有数十亿年的历史了,并因此变得相当擅长这一技术微小的磁铁阵列,类似于在磁盘驱动器中存储信息的磁铁阵列,研究人员从磁性螺菌(magneticsirillum magneticum)获得灵感,这种细菌由于其细胞内存在磁铁矿斑点,对地球磁场非常敏感,一种氧化铁的形式先前的工作已经利用基因工程分离出制造这些微型罗盘的蛋白质,研究小组成功说服了一种不同的细菌大肠杆菌,一种无处不在的生物,是生物技术的主力军,批量生产这种蛋白质,他们在一块金子上印上一块由化学物质组成的棋盘图案,一半的方块包含蛋白质的锚定点,另一半未经处理,作为对照,他们将黄金浸入含有蛋白质的溶液中,使其与处理过的方格结合,然后将整批黄金浸泡在铁盐在那之后,他们用电子显微镜检查了结果。毫无疑问,一组组磁铁矿颗粒在处理过的方格上形成,在细菌蛋白质的引导下,这些磁畴根据其极化的方式,可以存储一点信息的“一”或“零”。


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