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关于”诚实类“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Honesty class。以下是关于诚实类的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Honesty class

When we were children, we almost all heard the story of the wolf coming. What we can learn from this story is that we must be honest. Now there are many dishonest phenomena.

Dishonesty is not only harmful to others, but also to yourself. Take fake milk powder as an example. After drinking this kind of milk, the baby's head is big, the legs and arms are still very thin and serious It affects their health, which is very gratifying to us.

The producers are criticized and punished for various serious consequences. Eventually, they have a reputation of being honest and reliable. They will let others trust you.

This will bring you many benefits and opportunities. Others may not be honest. You will find it easier to cooperate with others.

People will be friendly and supportive to you in a sense Life is a long journey, honesty will be a backpack along the way. Let's pick up our backpacks and start a beautiful journey sincerely.




Honesty is usually better than dishonesty. Sometimes honesty can cause you trouble or hurt others, but generally speaking, telling the truth is better than lying. However, in our society, first of all, there are many dishonest examples.

Many businessmen cheat customers, such as my neighbor Xiao Wang. For example, he bought a TV set with RMB a week ago, but now it doesn't work. Some students cheat in order to pass the exam or get high marks.

Finally, but not least, many rich professionals evade taxes Deceiving the government Liu Xiaoqing is a good example. Honesty not only brings us honor and friendship, but also material gains. If we are honest, we will be trusted by others, so others' trust will bring us self-esteem and social friendship.

In addition, the trust of others will also bring us instrumental support, economic assistance, material resources and services we need. In a word, honesty is worth it. Honesty is gold.

Honesty means speaking the truth and acting honestly. People who lie and cheat are dishonest: people who gain wealth by other means without hard work are dishonest. Honesty is a virtue.

If you are honest all the time, you will be trusted and respected by others. Once you lie, people around you will regard you as a black sheep. Even if you tell the truth, people will never believe you.

However, in today's commodity economy, it seems that more and more people believe in money and sacrifice their honesty to them, including health, beauty, money, wisdom, honesty, reputation and talent. Honesty is the only thing that can move eastward. They don't understand or pretend to be ignorant that honesty is the greatest wealth of mankind.

It is a prerequisite for doing everything well. I think these people are worth it In short, honesty is gold honesty. Your reputation will become very dishonest, your reputation will be tarnished, and your personality will degenerate.

Therefore, we must not use the excuse that "a little dishonesty is just a small matter". Once the seeds of dishonesty are sown in our hearts, we must immediately eradicate them.





We almost all heard stories when we were children: the wolf came, and what we can learn from this story is that we must be honest. However, there are a lot of dishonesty now. Dishonesty is harmful not only to others, but also to oneself.

For example, after drinking this kind of milk, the babies eat fake milk powder. Although the legs, feet and arms are still very thin, which seriously affects their health, we are very pleased that the manufacturers are eventually criticized and punished because they have a reputation of being honest and reliable and will make others trust you. This will bring you a lot of benefits, and some others may not be honest Real opportunities, you will find it easier to cooperate with others.

People will be friendly and supportive to you in a sense. If life is a long journey, honesty will be a backpack all the way. Let's pick up our backpacks, be honest and start a beautiful journey.





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