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关于”选择继续深造“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Choose to continue further study。以下是关于选择继续深造的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Choose to continue further study

Note: in this section, you can write a letter for a few minutes. Suppose you are Jill's letter to your friend Li Fang, you should write at least a few words in Chinese according to the situation given below: dear Fang, I understand that you are in a dilemma. Although there are so many graduates eager to embark on their career path, there are still some people who, in my opinion, prefer to get their degrees I think the latter is more admirable because all your courses over the years are very good.

So if you really want to stay on campus for another two or three years, you should stick to it in today's society. The achievements and status you can achieve and the contributions you can make are undoubtedly related to your educational background and degree What's more, what's more, if you want to get to your destination more smoothly and easily, why not go to your studies? I believe your career will ensure your success. The final choice is your has the final say..


说明:在这一部分,你可以写几分钟的信,假设你是吉尔给你的朋友李芳写信,你应该根据下面给出的情况用中文至少写几个字: 亲爱的方,我理解你处于两难境地虽然有那么多的毕业生渴望踏上他们的职业生涯之路,但仍然有在我看来,有些人更喜欢在获得学位后开始新的生活,以便更好地为进入社会做准备,我认为后者更值得钦佩的是,你这些年来的所有课程都很好,所以如果你真的想在校园里再呆上两xx年,你应该在当今社会坚持下去,你所能取得的成就和地位,以及你所能作出的奉献,无疑与你的教育背景和学位成正比,再加上你在这些方面所付出的努力,如果你想更顺利、更容易地到达目的地,为什么不勇敢地去深造呢,我坚信你的事业一定能保证你的成功,最终的选择是你说了算的ԡ最诚挚的祝愿。


Hello, Bob, I heard that you found a job in a deal. Yes, I don't want to continue studying at all. I think finding a job is a good choice than continuing to study, especially as an English student: I'm afraid I can't agree with you to get a master's degree.

You can find a better one. Job: Oh, really? Maybe you're right, but it depends on a: B: Yes.




Become an employee or graduate student after graduation. With the graduation day approaching, for those who are eager to be financially independent and put into practice, college students must make decisions about their future life. Whether they want to become a graduate student or find a job, to a large extent, it depends on their personal interests.

What they have learned in University and found a job has made it possible for many years People are satisfied and have rewards. They have always used their parents' money to fund their own education, and it is not without a sense of guilt. In the process of learning, they will feel guilty because of lack of money or squandering their parents' money.

Their main wish is to become a breadwinner after graduation. Those who want to take advantage of the favorable conditions in the university will try to enroll them for postgraduate education Courses, master's degree and even doctor's degree are more ambitious than bachelor's degree. As far as I am concerned, their success and interest in life are more in academic achievement than in making money.

Getting a higher degree has always been my dream, which is based on my belief that I should do more research and study when I am young.




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