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关于”音乐之声“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Sound of music。以下是关于音乐之声的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Sound of music

The film is very popular. It's a story about a lively young man named Maria who takes seven children to take care of the von Trapp family. The family was very sad and tired.

Mr. Strapp passed away. His father was lonely and often angry because the children cried at this time every day.

Maria aped, who taught the children to sing lively songs and perform short and interesting plays, made the family happy. Finally, Maria and von Trapp got married and lived happily ever after.




In Austria, a young nun found it difficult to adapt to her new life in a monastery. The Abbess decided that the best way was to send the nun (named Maria) into the world to find out her life as a nanny for captain v. Trapp's children.

After the Treaty of Versailles was signed, he was a proud nationalist, worried about the rise of the far right in neighboring Germany. He said that federal v. Trapp was like a ship Running his family, because he didn't know any other way, when Maria arrived at the scene, she was opposed by the children.

However, because the captain's attitude was infuriated in time, she established a relationship with the whole family, especially her eldest son, Lizzie, who led her into a woman to fill the vacancy of lissel's absent mother. The captain was engaged to the baroness The children didn't like her, she loved their father, not them, but, gradually, when Maria and the captain fell in love, the Baroness realized this and made up a story to make Maria want to return to the monastery, but Maria helped v. trappv rediscover music, and through this, she returned to their happiness, the Baroness finally Accepting the fact that Maria and the captain were destined to be together, they got married, but when they returned from their honeymoon, they were faced with a terrible new situation of occupying Austria.

Captain v. Trapp was immediately called to fight for the Nazi high seas fleet. However, he opposed the Nazis and was unwilling to comply, which put his beloved family in danger.

The v. Trapp family decided to cross the border and flee Neutral Switzerland, but their plans were discovered and they were forced to flee in a very unconventional way.




One of my favorite movies of all time may be the sweet side, but sometimes that's exactly what we need, with Christopher Plummer as captain to balance all the sweetness. I've always thought he had a good voice and a great screen image in this movie. Julie Andrews is wonderful in her freshest and best songs, and the Alps are wonderful, The songs are unforgettable, and the plot will never be boring aebhttp://wwwwimdbcom/title/tt/usercomments.




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