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关于”游览中国最佳时间建议“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Best time to visit China。以下是关于游览中国最佳时间建议的高三英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Best time to visit China

Summer is coming, girls should take off their thick clothes and put on beautiful clothes to show their youth. It's amazing to wear the youth they want. Their advantages are their advantages.

Many girls will feel worried before going out. They don't know what to wear. Even there are all kinds of clothes to wear in the wardrobe.

In my opinion, fashion means that there will never be enough clothes to wear. The simpler the better, the better. The best fashions are T-shirts and jeans.

They will never be out of fashion. So many celebrities give them The public set an example. They walk on the street in T-shirts and jeans, so it's simple and fashionable.

So if girls don't know what to wear, choose a white T-shirt and live a beautiful life.




In ancient Chinese philosophy, since the middle ages, Westerners have two main views on time: Eschatology (teleology) and material theory (scientific theory). The former comes from Christianity and understands time, time or history to a predictable end through the relationship between man and God. In other words, the final judgment is related to the measurement of time.

This view is more and more accurate, In essence, time has nothing to do with the existence of human beings. It is an objective and even irreversible passage. It has no meaning in itself.

It is just a form of material existence. Since the beginning of this century, new perspectives have emerged in science and philosophy. Among them, the more extensive phenomenological perspective is still concerned by us.

Chinese philosophy is usually approached by people, at least In China, therefore, from the perspective of western traditional metaphysics, due to the immateriality of ancient Chinese literature, few people are interested in the study of time. Generally speaking, there is neither teleological nor physical view of time in Chinese tradition. In the pre Qin period, especially in the pre war period, we can find that the role of time is very significant (in the key "time" of Chinese history, the wise men initially experience time and pay attention to time, which is a very rare phenomenon in other civilizations, we found in ancient Greece Another rare phenomenon is that philosophers, who love wisdom, are fascinated by mathematics and the pure form of existence (Eidos).




Complex emotions are always bothering us. Once we encounter this situation, we will be upset. Our first reaction is to find some people to tell them our inner sadness.

We usually hope to get some comfort from others, but in some cases, other people can hardly help the person who can save you when he leaves an irreplaceable role in your heart Sex, he will give your heart an irreplaceable help, because he will always help you, but you must first learn how to get along with him, we should sometimes respect our heart, you actually know that something is wrong, your heart tells you not to do it, you still have to finish it, and then you will regret to do it; secondly, you should control your heart well Say you can slowly learn to control yourself. When you do this, it will surprise you. You and your heart are the best partners.

Your heart will guide you to live wiser in the right way. The most important factor is that you should have a good attitude. Your master of life is yourself.

The only savior I want to say is yourself. When we are in trouble, we are We should not say give up, you should remember that life is full of unpleasant things, but we should have a satisfactory life experience, our best partner, our heart will give us unlimited motivation and confidence to overcome any difficulties, we should always have perfect cooperation with our heart, love our heart, love ourselves.




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