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In order to fly a kite, I brought a big red bird kite and my two four-year-old and two little cousins to the campus of National Taiwan University. We found an open space away from poles, wires and trees. It was two o'clock in the morning and the sun was not very good.

After the first few attempts to make the kite fly, I found out how amateur I was. I really realized that it would be a long three-step error process, and finally I reached the height of my glory: the kite sailed up, flew as far as my rope could go, two children were dancing around me, shouting, clapping, and I picked up the kite, but I didn't drive it very well. The wind blew it to the roof of the school.

Finally, my rope broke and we all went home.





Let kite tools: starch paper knife kite material: thin bamboo strip, gauze, spicy paper, this square kite is now used more, the most common kite skeleton, single use of two components, although the program is very simple, but the shape changes a lot, add a free time can do a lot of things: first soak the thin bamboo strip, make the thin bamboo strip soft, and then use the knife handle thin The bamboo strip is broken, about three roughness, and then cut into half shape, because the thin bamboo strip must be pasted on the spicy paper in the future. If it is too thick, the thin bamboo strip can break the paper. At the same time, the thin bamboo strip is too thick, and the gauze paste is unstable.

The thin bamboo strip is planned to complete two sections of appropriate length, which will lead to the next step. The four directions of Mara are planned and completed. The length is about □ Rough paper, suitable for use as a kite, you can paste thin bamboo strips on the paper, but you must record, long and thin bamboo strips, use a paper towel to clip one of the three short strips, and then bend slowly until the beginning and end of the long and thin bamboo strips touch the opposite angle of the paper.

Stick the kite tail under the kite at the last step. After the line and the angle of the kite, you can get up and fly the kite tail It is the main tool for balancing kites. Kites can be on time when riding the wind.

If you fly a kite, the kite can be slanted to this side, but the tail is better to be longer, because the weight of the kite's forehead will be raised and the whole body will be chilly. The kite silk thread with balance bevel can be divided into round line windlass and a row of windlass on the kite It must become a drift angle o (∩∩) O.




How to make a novel step by step cutting two lengths of dowel bar, one inch long and the other inch long. Measure each cutting piece with a ruler, mark the shorter inch part as half of its length, and mark the longer inch part at one third of the length. The two poles are at right angles, one on top of the other, so that the marks touch the two poles to form a cross.

Tie the two poles together with a strong string, tie a safe knot where they meet, and cut off the extra rope steps. Use a utility knife to cut a small cut at the end of the two poles. These notches will keep the kite in its shape The line is placed in the slot on the top of the kite rack.

When the rope is fixed on the top of the kite pole, wrap it around the top of the pole step and tightly around the edge of the frame to ensure that when you return to the top of the kite rack, it is firmly installed in each slot of the kite pole pedal. Tie the two ends of the rope together and fix the rope with a tight knot. Place the finished frame on a large piece of paper: use a kite stand as a template, and when cutting with scissors or utility knives, leave 1 / 2 inch of excess: apply glue along the outer edge of the paper, then fold it up so that it can wrap the rope and fix it on the paper in the frame, while making sure that enough glue is used and spread evenly over the paper Stick the paper to the rope and its own body: tie a rope at both ends of the short pole, the rope should be a little longer than the stick; and tie another rope to the two ends of the long pole, and the rope should be a little longer than the rope.

Pick up two ropes with one hand and find the spot in front. When the kite overlaps with the kite, tie them together with an extra rope. This is one of the steps to tie the kite string when you fly a kite: make a tail for your kite ecurehttp://wwwwehowcom/howmakitehtmlhtp ://wwwtutorialscom///asp.





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