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关于”骂人的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Swearing sentences。以下是关于骂人的句子的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Swearing sentences

1、Besides, the people in cars scold you. 另外,车子里的人会骂我们。

2、He swore himself black in the face. 他气得脸色发青, 咒骂自己。

3、When the boy came back a few minutes later, the fat man was still on the ground cursing not just the boy, but the selfish crowd who would not offter to help him get up. 数分钟过后男孩回来了,大胖子运还跌坐在地上,不只咒骂男孩,也骂骂那群不肯扶他起来的自私群众。

4、He swore at her and seized another. 他对她咒骂着,又抓起另一只。

5、他气得脸色发青, 咒骂自己。 He swore himself black in the face.

6、She had a fit of hysterics and called him some bad names. 她一阵歇斯底里发作,骂了他几句。

7、you never really learn to swear until you learn to drive 这里的swear是咒骂的意思。

8、Damn this man, he teases me. 咒骂这个人,他戏弄我。

9、He grew sullen, and began to swear. 他又不高兴了,开始咒骂起来。

10、Robb cursed and followed, and they galloped off down the trail, Robb laughing and hooting, Jon silent and intent. 罗柏咒骂几句后也追了上去,两人沿着路径向前急驰。罗柏又叫又笑,琼恩则凝神专注。

11、He requited my kindness with cruel words. 他竟以咒骂来回报我的善待。

12、'Yes, 'the captain told him, swearing again. “对,”老船长说,又夹着一句咒骂。

13、Scarlett:I'll hate you till I die! I can't think of anything bad enough to call you… 斯佳丽: 我会恨你一辈子!我想不出足够恶毒的字眼儿来咒骂你…

14、She swore herself black in the face. 她咒骂自己,气得脸色发青。

15、The butcher pulled out a whip, and cursed as he whipped the old cow. 屠夫拿出了一根鞭子,一边鞭打老牛一边咒骂。

16、To that I nod, concede the point, and say, "Bullshit." 我可以让步同意这一点并且多骂一句"废话"。

17、The old man ripped out with a curse. 这位老人气愤地咒骂起来。

18、They become rather abusive, denouncing the foreigners as "foreign devils", the warlords as "robber generals" and the local tyrants and evil gentry as "the heartless rich". 他们有点骂人了,骂洋人叫“洋鬼子”,骂军阀叫“抢钱司令”,骂土豪劣绅叫“为富不仁”。

19、She apologized for accusing him falsely. 她为错误地咒骂他而道歉。

20、He coloured deeper, with a different feeling, muttered an oath, and turned away. 他的脸更红了,情绪全然不同了,低声咒骂一句,便转过身去。

21、"So it's certainly possible that someone might curse in a second language and not realize how strong the curse is, " said Chao. 伊芙琳说:“所以,完全有可能,一个人使用第二语言来咒骂,但没有意识到咒骂的厉害程度。”

22、The Evil God walked away cursing the stupidity of man. 恶神咒骂着人类的愚蠢,走开了。

23、Little Liu thinks of a fatty, aggrieved, eat while cursing and scolding way. 小刘想起胖子,就忿忿不平,边吃边咒骂道。

24、Mrs. Parker always scolds her little son. But her bark is worse than her bite. 帕克太太老是骂她的小儿子,但她也就是骂骂而已。

25、她为错误地咒骂他而道歉。 She apologized for accusing him falsely.


26、He couldn't speak for five minutes without cursing. 超不过五分钟就会咒骂一句

27、He execrated all who opposed him. 他咒骂所有反对他的人。

28、As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him. 他爱咒骂,咒骂就临到他。 他不喜爱福乐,福乐就与他远离。

29、He requited my kindness only with cruel words. 他竟以咒骂来回报我的善待。

30、He loved to pronounce a curse- may it come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing- may it be far from him. 他爱咒骂,咒骂就临到他。 他不喜爱福乐,福乐就与他远离。

31、He simply looked at the sea dully and swore in an undertone. 他只是呆呆地望著大海,轻声地骂几句。

32、He flung out in a rage against the whole human race. 他愤怒地咒骂全人类。

33、You know well that it is I whom he seeks to revile. 你清楚他蓄意咒骂的人就是我。

34、He vituperated his son. 他痛骂他的儿子。

35、His teachers abuse him. 他的老师咒骂他。

36、But the king said, "What do you and I have in common, you sons of Zeruiah?" 洗鲁雅的儿子亚比筛对王说,这死狗岂可咒骂我主我王呢?

37、The beggar cursed loudly. 乞丐大声咒骂。

38、Like the sparrow in its flitting, like the swallow in its flight, a curse uncalled-for arrives nowhere. 有如麻雀逃走,燕子飞去:无端的咒骂,也一去无踪。

39、She execrated all who opposed her. 她咒骂所有反对她的人。

40、Do you cuss often? 你是否经常咒骂?

41、Her talk was full of vile curses. 她的话里充满着恶毒的咒骂。

42、She shrieked out curse at the enemy. 她尖声地咒骂敌人。

43、You suffer him to revile her who is your wife! 他这样咒骂的女人,可是你的妻子,你竟然受得了!

44、I only could curse on devil of excuse our hearts with peaceful. 我只能咒骂,咒骂扰乱我们宁静心田的怪兽与狰狞。

45、For so long humans have known only abusiveness towards one another; 很久以来,人类只知道彼此咒骂;

46、I'm gonna beat the crap out of you! 我也得学几句骂人的话。

47、But he never curse in his music. 但是在音乐中,张楚从不咒骂。

48、I wonder if they're cursing at European gold farmers there… 这句按我的理解是他们是否咒骂欧洲的打钱者…

49、Let make fox blunt curse people not directly went out a word. 任凭令狐冲咒骂来人一句话没有直接走了出去。

50、He drinks hard, swears at children (who curse him in turn), rarely shaves, never smiles. 他酗酒、咒骂小孩子、很少刮胡子、从来不笑。


51、He swears at people till all is blue. 他骂人骂得极凶。他骂人骂得人们脸色都发青了。


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