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关于”最近xx年的变化“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Changes in the last five years。以下是关于最近xx年的变化的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Changes in the last five years

My school my school is a beautiful campus, you don't believe I'll take you to visit my school. You see, walking into the door, two rows standing proud to welcome our arrival, it is like a soldier standing guard, guarding our campus. Behind the campus is a beautiful flower with colorful flowers, good hardworking bees, step-by-step honey and one Beautiful butterflies are dancing in the air.

A good bed is right behind the teaching building. We can see that the desks and chairs in the classroom are neatly arranged, but they are our indispensable and loyal partners. Every student sits there to concentrate on the class, fall down and talk to each other.

There is always a sound of reading books. A burst of bending down, there is a basketball court on the right side of the learning building and a big one on the left side of the teaching building The playground, where many students play every Monday, all students go to the playground to raise the national flag. On the left side of the playground is a green lawn, where you can play and play football.

Interestingly, there is a graceful poplar tree around the lawn. They stand there conscientiously, as if to protect the pillars of the country. Looking at the wall outside, the wall is long Full of ivy, in autumn, ivy leaves slowly turned red, very good-looking, is really a beautiful landscape, this is my school, I love my school.




My friend Wei Wei is a lively and intelligent girl. She has long black hair. She is the tallest girl in our class.

She is warm-hearted and beautiful, so everyone loves her. I'm happy to make friends with her. I am also very outgoing, so we are good friends, but sometimes I like to be quiet, but her score is not very good.

She thinks she should study hard so that we can go to the same university. This person is my best friend, I can tell everything to me, like my deep feelings and thoughts.





"Ya Ya, go home" now summer vacation, my mother asked me "Oh, I didn't go." then I said, she turned her head to one side. "Why?" my mother asked me, "what's good, the way home, every time I walk in mud shoes, it's a living room for all kinds of people. Again, if the rain becomes a hole, I didn't go." my face doesn't pick up, Dad hears what I said, and now comes back with a smile At home, "it used to be different from before.

You can use" the problem that should be treated "to describe" at that time, I will see "I was reluctantly pulled into the car by my father for more than an hour, and we finally arrived at our destination. I looked at how the house had become so big before, and the road before Grandma had become a wide plain asphalt road, and the road was full of both sides Trees, behind the village are covered with green rice fields. Looking at the green paddy fields, I want to see the scenery and draw to my grandmother's house.

The phenomenon in front of me makes me surprised: This is my grandmother's house. If I go to the wrong gate, I see that I am a green tile, spacious and bright red brick house, with complete electrical appliances. Everything is reproduced in grandma's house, and the old roof is dilapidated At home, it's raining.

It's raining outside. It's raining. It's useless.

But my mother just listens to my grandfather on the radio. Other things are not bad. I can't imagine that my hometown has changed so much.

My grandmother told me, "it's good for the reform and opening up of the party. Farmers live every day. You see, the original adobe house is before the old building It has become a motorcycle that every family wants to buy.

It has really changed and the countryside has become more and more.




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