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关于”如何学语法“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:How to learn grammar。以下是关于如何学语法的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How to learn grammar

His father works on the farm / it's not easy to learn English well / what he said is very important to all of us / the children were in the classroom two hours ago / reading in the sun is bad for your eyes. I bought three English books / my words and deeds are helpful to you. Lucy and Lily are twins / she and I are classmates / boys and girls.

They are all young pioneers, writers and artists There are no more than one (a student and every teacher are in the room / no boy and girl like to be together, except like) not only Mr. Green and his wife and children come to China / no one but Jim and Mike are on the playground / she likes you and Tom are tall, or none of us like having a new book / everything around us It's very important. Text messages are very interesting.

None of us has been to the United States. He is one of my hard working friends. Niu police is looking for the lost children.

Many, many, many others. There are many people in the classroom / the rest of the lectures are wonderful / the students in our class are girls. A lot of people come to the bus / there are a lot of pictures on the wall / such a result / that is the case.




The meeting that's going on is very important (hit a person, he went to the hospital (was beaten, he was beaten) he was beaten (the house standing there was doing it) (tell the children playing there not to make such a noise after finishing their homework and watch TV do it (he is an actor loved by all the people who have done it) it is very important (beaten / beaten him) The meeting held in the hospital is very important) the boy who has completed the task is the best student in the class, and the boy who has completed the task is the top student in our class. The holding of the meeting is very important. The deterioration of the environment has caused widespread concern.

An urgent problem we are facing is that more and more garbage is produced every day. Smoking is an addictive threat, which not only poses a health hazard to smokers but also to the people around them. The extra income from part-time work will strongly support students to continue their studies.

They are deeply affected by cyber violence, and some teenagers take part in it Gone wrong. Now many children grow up in solitude and see others as competitors rather than friends.




Like self-awareness, it's hard to achieve, but I think these two factors may be the two most important factors in achieving happiness throughout the century. The largest amount of water is used for agricultural purposes, with a population of one million. Brazil's figures show how high the consumption of agricultural water is.

When universities in some countries operate well, they need to provide both theoretical knowledge and professional training. Therefore, in general, I think it is good for most children to go to school from childhood. Parents should spend their time on their children, and they should also communicate with them.

We can't ignore that education should not only let parents spend time on their children They are also advised to interact with them, and the importance of education must not be ignored.




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