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关于”二胎开头“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The beginning of the second child。以下是关于二胎开头的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The beginning of the second child

Princess Kate has attracted the attention of the world since she married Prince William about a year ago. The British people are happy for the birth of a boy. They have been paying close attention to the little prince.

For loyal people, the good news is that Princess Kate has given birth to her second child. When the world is curious about the baby's gender, she will be a mother again. Kate went to the hospital yesterday.

After two hours, her second child will be born. This is a good news for Kate. She has a boy and a daughter now, and the world is giving her the best wishes Kate came out of the hospital a few hours later.

She looked so beautiful. She was so beautiful.




There are two monks living next door. The so-called "next door": the mountain is on two adjacent hills of the temple. This is a stream between the two mountains.

The two monks go to the stream at the same time every day. They become friends. They are in the water.

After five years, suddenly one day, the boy left the mountain without any water. The monk on the right side of the mountain thought: "He overslept" and kept looking, God knows whether the mountain or not, whether the monk fell down for a week on the third day, or like a month later, on the right side of the mountain, the last monk thought, "my friend, I may be ill. Last time I visited him," see what can I do for you? "So he climbed to the top of the mountain to visit his old friend.

He arrived at the house on the mountain to see his friend They were surprised that all his friends were drinking in front of the temple like a month of peace and prosperity. They asked, "when you have a month on July 7, you can't drink when you are in the water." the monk said, "come on, I'll take you to have a look." then he went to Youshan temple, and the monk went to the backyard and said, "after I've finished my homework for five years, I'll dig holes every day in this period of time However, sometimes I'm very busy, even how many days, I finally dig a well, I don't have to water down, I can have more time, I like to play taijiquan Chuan ":::: 7.




We won't feel lonely if we depend on our parents at home and make friends by friends when we go out. When we are in a bad mood, we can tell our friends and share some difficult things together. You can find a friend to help you find a good friend.

In life, we go together. How can we make friends? First of all, we remember our names Awareness, name is the first step in making friends. Remember your name, call out your name accurately, and meet again in time.

You will feel that you are a determined person who is willing to interact with you and help you remember your name. We should learn to listen to the interaction time, listen to what the other side says, and don't interrupt the conversation of the other party. We must wait until we are finished.

Don't stop If you are a person, don't jump to a conclusion if you don't listen to me. I can tell you something about yourself, such as what hobbies you like and let your friends know more about you. The other party will think you are his friend.

When you start dating, don't say too much. If you want to be a friend, you should communicate with each other. Everyone has his own ideas and know each other What do you think, why someone will say, to understand clearly who will listen, do not blindly insist on their own, do not want to step back, the bright future should learn to praise each other at an appropriate time, when all people do not understand, as his friend, encourage him to go, can say: Well, I believe you, come on, I will always support you and so on, you When the other party does well in some aspects, we should praise each other.

For example, in learning, he has achieved good results, he won awards in the game, etc. in communication, don't think too much about thinking that disadvantage is a blessing. When dealing with people, we don't always think that I can ask for something from each other, but learn to give, if we want to If you get something, it's very difficult to be a true friend.

I don't think you will get anything from the other party, and you won't consider how to use the other party. Instead, you can just ask for nothing. In the communication, we can also talk about some topics related to the future, so that the other party will think that you are a long-term consideration.




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