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关于”有关上音乐课“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:About taking music lessons。以下是关于有关上音乐课的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About taking music lessons

When you have inspiration, music can be created anywhere. We like symphonies, even pop music. We don't need to understand what they want to tell us.

We just need to listen carefully. Therefore, according to my personal experience, music should not have national boundaries, music has a more positive role in our life, when we are in a low mood, we can listen to some foreign songs. Music is when you hear their rhythm and style, we don't have to realize what they are singing.

You will feel your heart touched and tremble in a melancholy mood. You will get inspiration and strength. On the other hand, different music can promote the society.

As we all know, KFC and McDonald's are very popular in China, and there is nothing like eating Han in these restaurants in the world There are three main reasons and other details. The first reason is convenience. The second is to save time.

The third is delicious. But details are also essential. The music of fast food restaurant is one of them.

The music rhythm is a factor. If they play a smooth music, customers will find that the food tastes better. If the store plays music with a good rhythm Fast, people will eat faster in the rush hour of shopping, which will provide customers with more tables and tables, and provide customers with more music.

The influence and application of music around us is not mentioned in a word. Music can help the country and people more than harm.




Dear Tom, I am very glad to receive your last letter. I thank you very much for your advice and help in my English study. As you have made great progress in your English learning, I am very worried that you will encounter some difficulties in learning Chinese.

As you know, Chinese is so flexible that you need to pay attention to a word or phrase in different languages It means different things. In addition, it is very difficult for foreigners to write Chinese characters, especially for beginners. So I suggest that you learn some spoken English first, and then start to write some simple Chinese characters.

You should remember that practice makes perfect. Another suggestion is that you should experience China's native language environment in person. How about coming to China during the summer vacation? We can talk about our language learning experience, I wish you sincere Li Hua.





The school music class as a name, many students looking forward to music class are disappointed. My classmates said that music can cultivate sentiment and is conducive to the development of body and mind, but music class is given to us by the teacher. The students who have had music lessons have no chance to contact music.

This makes people feel confused and regard music as a name. In other words, music class is a music class, not a miscellaneous course All the students require o (∩∩) OO (∩∩) O (∩∩) O.




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