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My father is my hero. Every child has a good and great father. I am also my father.

I have played a very important role in my life. To be exact, in my past years, I have good reasons to believe that he will always be my hero. My father always stands at the center of my life, from the past to the present, maybe in the future, my family will be in my childhood We were poor.

We didn't have a house of our own. We had to live in a humble little room rented from my father's factory. My room is too small for people to walk around in.

I didn't have my own bed and had to sleep with my parents. It was terrible for my parents and me, but my father made it all different. He never complained, never lost his temper or showed any depression.

He always told me to smile. Whenever and wherever you could find me sitting on his lap or walking, doing everything with him, we would go fishing, walking and flying kites on weekends, and he would give it to me every night Read a bedtime story, let each character's voice at that time, although we are very poor, but now our home is full of happiness and sunshine, his efforts and optimism, he has his own career, we also have our own house, life has become more and more happy, I learned a lot from my father, I learned that we should not take things too seriously, always try to find On the positive side of life, my father has passed away, and it's time for me to mourn for him. I believe I can live better here with WC.

I really want to say, "I love your father because you are the hero of my life.





On December 5, Nelson R. Mandela, the former president of South Africa and Nobel Prize winner, died suddenly. The world is deeply mourning for this great man's extraordinary life.

He has made outstanding contributions to his country and the world. Born in a small village in South Africa, Mandela is a tribal leader. Unlike his father, he does not want to take advantage of his social status He wanted to launch a national liberation movement to help black people live freely.

In, he became the leader of anti apartheid and won the honor of all blacks. Mandela was arrested for treason, but was later found not guilty in South Africa. The South African government arrested him for the same reason.

He started his prison life for many years, but the hard life in prison never changed his belief in establishing an equal and free new Africa. He was a great fighter who was finally released from prison. He believed that the world would become peaceful and equal without racial discrimination.

As he said before, no one was born because of his skin color If they can learn, they must learn to hate and hate, and can teach them to love, because love is more natural than its opposite.




My father was my hero. When I was young, he would kiss me every night and sing to me when I woke up. He made me feel so special.

I knew my father loved me. It made me feel strong enough to do almost everything he was sick. But the strength kept him alive.

He loved his children so much. He gave up years of life to take care of this woman, his wife She will die. He fought against her illness for many years.

Although he had his own disease, he still stood by her side, took care of her and loved her until she died 20 days later. I lost my hero, my father, who was my friend a few years ago. Life has changed a lot, but the love for my father will not change and will never end.




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