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Russian Putin and Turkish Erdogan discussed economic issues in Moscow. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss trade, energy export and other issues. This is their second meeting in a month.

Both statements indicate the improvement of bilateral relations. On the second day of Turkey's prime minister's visit to Russia, President Putin met Erdogan in the Kremlin. Putin said that Russia will increase natural gas exports to Turkey, and Russian companies will increase natural gas exports to Turkey.

Erdogan also said that economic cooperation has increased steadily in recent years, bilateral trade volume exceeded US $100 million last year, and Turkish companies have widely participated in Russia In Russia's construction projects, especially in Moscow, which has experienced an architectural boom in the past decade, Turkish leaders arrived late on Monday, mostly business leaders interested in expanding ties with Russia's rival Russia. On Wednesday, Erdogan will inaugurate a new Turkish Trade Center, the latest of the many shopping malls Turkey has built in and around Moscow's textile and clothing factory, one of the most widely sold Turkish products in Russia. During the meeting, both leaders pointed out the importance of strengthening relations between the two countries.

In the past month, relations between the two countries were not stable. Putin made a landmark visit to Ankara, when the two tried to overcome accusations of supporting rebel groups, such as separatists fighting Russian troops in Chechnya. Turkey sympathizes with Muslim Chechens trying to build their own country independent of Russia's Gasperini.





Just like my excellent economics professor at Columbia, C. Lowell Harris, who just celebrated his birthday, once told us that economics is the study of the distribution of scarce goods and services that are more scarce or precious than love My main research object is love, followed by economics. So here, in the form of some rules, is a mixture of two fields: the last love economics I wrote about this topic was a few years ago.

Now it's time to update it. With a few exceptions, there are rewards. In the case of love, you invest a lot of time and time In direct proportion.

The love you get from love, if only roughly, is related to the amount of yourself you put into the relationship. If you put in care, patience, and selflessness, you will get these things, which of course assumes that you have a relationship with a person who loves you, not with a person who is not interested in you. The return on high-quality bonds is always higher than that on junk bonds High, so when it comes to bond yields, I know my comments will surprise those who are brainwashed into thinking that junk bonds are free - they are not bond research expert w Braddock Hickman.

According to data from W Braddock Hickman, junk bonds are better than high-quality bonds in very few cases because of the risk of default.


正如我在哥伦比亚大学(Columbia)优秀的经济学教授C Lowell Harriss,他刚刚庆祝了他的生日,他曾经告诉我们,经济学是研究稀缺商品和服务的分配,而这些商品和服务比爱情更稀缺或更珍贵,C.Lowell Harrisskip我的主要研究对象是爱情,其次是经济学,所以这里,以一些规则的形式,是两个领域的混合体:我上一次写的关于这个主题的爱情经济学是在几年前左右,现在是时候更新它了,除了极少数例外,还有回报在恋爱的情况下,你所投入的时间和投入的时间大致成正比。你从爱情中得到的爱,如果只是粗略地说,与你在这段关系中所投入的你自己的数量是相关的如果你投入关心,耐心和无私,你会得到这些东西,这当然是假设的,你和一个爱你的人有关系,而不是和一个对你不感兴趣的人单恋高质量债券的回报率总是比垃圾债券高,因此对于债券的回报率,我知道我的评论会让那些被洗脑思考的人感到惊讶垃圾债券是免费的——它们不是债券研究专家W·布拉多克·希克曼(W Braddock Hickman)的数据显示,垃圾债券只在极少数情况下优于高质量债券,因为存在违约风险。


Economics is an in-depth study of people's behavior and organizational operation under resource constraints. It provides a powerful tool to understand and analyze all aspects of our lives, and help us become informed people. Keen decision-makers are an indispensable part of enterprises or government organizations Be prepared for the challenge and succeed in meeting the challenge.




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