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关于”写做菜“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Write cooking。以下是关于写做菜的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write cooking

Two thousand years ago, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, Yang tianzhang beach, a great patriotic poet, flowed into a torrent. Two thousand years later, may became the fifth day of the traditional festival of the Dragon Boat Festival. Everyone made dumplings, dragon boat races, boiled eggs.

All kinds of ways to commemorate the great patriotic poet's Dragon Boat Festival were one year. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of this experience. Before my grandmother asked me, she taught me how to do it To make dumplings, you should first clean the skin of bamboo leaves, then soak them in hot water, and then prepare dates and eggs.

The meat will sink in like this. You can fold up the long indole, squeeze it into a ball, make a nest in the middle, put it in the middle of good rice and japonica rice, including the edges and corners, and then stick them on the rice grains, then knead them together to absorb them, and finally wrap them with bamboo leaf skins Making zongzi into founder this dumpling all efforts are in the final stage of the process, whether your dumpling is good or not, just look at the four corners asymmetry, is not the type I just started to learn, always to the four corners side, rather than become a hexagon, is a crumpled ball milk milk, more than once looked at my "masterpiece" and said with a smile: "this, this can be called dumplings, you do the thin line of the ground Fang ah "I feel that zongzi is to wrap four corners conveniently with a thread. How can the world's not round dumplings use it to wrap them into the pot with fierce low heat.

After about an hour, they can be stewed for a few minutes. In the process of boiling, I can't wait to show the cover to see the situation, because the dumplings smell from the pot I have been waiting for a long time because of the fragrance. I always see the dumplings coming out from the pot.

I am happy to peel the dumplings with chopsticks. You can see the soft golden song "Jiaozi meat" inside, and it is delicious. I almost have to bite it with chopsticks this year.

I learned how to make dumplings and taste my own labor Fruit, that feeling is not ordinary sweet.




I first cut the vegetables into slices, then pour the oil into the pan, heat the oil, throw the vegetables into the pot, turn the vegetables repeatedly with the shovel, add some seasonings, and finally put the cooked vegetables on the plate. I put the dishes on a table and invite all family members to enjoy / try FW.




How to cook beef brisket? This is the recipe I found and used. It's big pound beef, brisket, salt and pepper (1 / 2 oz.) patty seasoning (recommended: McCormick) one ounce beer Cider (recommended: tree top) cup onion slice barbecue sauce (recommendation: KC masterpiece) cup roasted with Hickory or oak chips. Cook indirectly over medium heat (no direct heat under the brisket, rinse your chest with cold water) Meat, pat dry season with salt and pepper, put in tin foil baking plate, sprinkle meat pie seasoning, pour over beer, add enough cider, cover the middle part of breast with onion slices, and cover with thick aluminum foil.

Put the pan on the hot pot and bake with oil pan covered with grill. If cooking with charcoal for 1 / 2 hours, add coal to each pile of coal every hour, take out the beef brisket from the stew, and put it directly On the grill on an oil drip pan, mix the stewed beef brisket and sauce with BBQ sauce. Add 1 / 2 cup sawdust to each pile of coal to cover the grill.

Mop the brisket on the chopping board every minute. Rest for a few minutes before slicing. Slice the thin slices close to the grain and cut into thin slices.

Put the mop sauce on the side. Indoor: preheat the oven to Fahrenheit, according to the instructions, make the beef brisket cover plate with aluminum foil, and then bake in the preheated oven for 1 / 2 to hour. Remove the beef breast from the stew and put it on a foil paper baking plate.

Lower the oven temperature to Fahrenheit. Return the brisket and barbecue sauce back to the oven. Rotate and mop the brisket sauce from the oven several times a minute.

Slice it after a minute's rest.




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